Bhavya Arora at Forward Focus London offers Life, Career & Transformational coaching online or in person for her clients

If you’re feeling stuck or uncertain about your next steps in life, yet eager for tangible transformations, I’m here to provide dedicated guidance and unwavering support on your journey. With my well-established methods, you’ll soon start witnessing tangible changes, provided you’re prepared to commit to the necessary work.

Start Your Transformation Journey Now To Achieve Alignment and Triumph

I understand the deep intuition you possess—an awareness of the abundance awaiting you, including fulfilment, purpose, play, career growth, connection, joy, and a life led on your own terms. I’ve journeyed through similar territory myself, so I can relate. You’re exactly where you need to be. Together, let’s shape the life you truly desire. Often we start with one area and explore how it impacts other aspects of your life, recognizing the interdependence between them.

I'd like to introduce myself

I am Bhavya Arora, a certified, experienced and professional  Life, Career and transformational Coach, dedicated to equipping individuals with the skills and tools necessary to expertly transform their lives. 

Throughout my career, I have successfully guided numerous individuals who initially felt disappointed, frustrated, and drained, facilitating transformative journeys. 

Having personally navigated challenges of feeling slowed down, lacking clarity, and being stuck, I empathise with the emotions of hopelessness and confusion. 

My coaching approach offers a straightforward yet powerful structure for those facing life’s monotony and adversities, aiding them in identifying their aspirations and ultimately achieving their goals.

 I contribute to magazines and have spoken at various events. Currently, I am writing my first book on self-help [ stuck – unstuck] scheduled for release in November 2024. 

Beyond coaching, I balance roles as a mother, wife and confidant. My interests include hiking, immersing in world cultures, music, cooking, candle making, and exploring various forms of holistic wellness.

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life coaching london

Life Coaching

Tailored support to gain clarity, confidence while aligning to your purpose and enhancing your wellbeing.

stress management london

Stress & Anxiety

Tailored strategies and techniques to effectively manage and alleviate stress, promoting a balanced and healthier lifestyle.

Overcoming Procrastination

Reduce Procrastination

Improving focus with effective techniques, and addressing emotional factors behind procrastination

transformational coaching london


Focused on transformational coaching methods, guiding you towards significant personal growth and goal achievement.

Confidence Coaching london

Confidence Coaching

Support specifically targeted for confidence coaching, aiding in bolstering self-assurance and achieving personal empowerment.

work life balance

Work Life Balance

Receive support in prioritising tasks, managing time, and setting boundaries to achieve work-life balance

career coaching london

Career Coaching

Specialised career coaching, assisting in identifying professional goals and navigating towards their successful achievement.

anxiety management london

Burnout Recovery

Strategies and techniques to alleviate burnout, cultivating a journey towards balanced lifestyles and enhanced emotional well-being

Quantum Leap Formula

A simple yet powerful formula, to achieve the success you desire while enhancing your resilience and perseverance

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.


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life coaching review
life coaching review
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Live the Life you Say You Want.

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