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6 step process for overcoming self sabotaging thoughts

What Belief Blueprint Are You Running From?

We all go through life accumulating thoughts, ideologies and belief systems that we inherit from our family, society, friends, work, school, our own unique experiences and last but not the least social media! 

To some extent these belief systems become an inherent part of us and we create our own ‘belief blueprint’.  Over time our ’belief blueprint’ is no longer ours as we start seeing our life from others’s eyes, opinions and judgements. We experience life through self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, fears and saboteurs.  Our mental health, our personal life, our career, our work life, our relationships, our potential, our performance, our productivity and finally our peace, our freedom and our happiness all suffer as a result of an unhealthy mindset. 

The good news is – you can change your belief blueprint.  You don’t have to live this way – just by rebooting your mind, you can change the way you see the world around you and in you- so you can live the life you want and deserve!  Any thoughts and behavioural patterns can be changed if YOU really want to make it happen. 


A bit of extra motivation to achieve your dream is helpful.  So, a bit of a pull, push and nudge in the right direction from me, is all you need when you are unclear about certain aspects of your life.  

As we know one shoe size doesn’t fit all!  The work we do together at Forward Focus London Coaching is bespokely designed, planned and created to suit your individual needs, wants and desires.  Culminating in your new unique personal belief blueprint -  the revolutionised and transformed you!

Imagine your own personal coach who supports you throughout your transformation journey!


I will help you to rediscover your true self and guide you on your journey to overcome challenges and blockages, so you can view your world with fresh eyes – at work, in your personal life and in your relationships. 

    Resulting in…

    • Day-to-day life becoming smoother and more manageable 
    • Bringing back the balance, peace, clarity, awareness, focus and fun back into your life 

    The areas I can help you with include …


    Many people go through life without reaching their full potential due to self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, this stops them from moving mentally and physically from point A to point B. 

    With my help … empower yourself with the tools and skills to overcome your blockages and dynamically cross your bridge from self-sabotage to the confident new you, experiencing increased emotional intelligence. 

    Work/Life Balance

    Work life and personal life go hand in hand.  The faster you understand that both run parallel to each other, the more you will experience benefits of each in your life simultaneously. It is with balance you will enjoy the life you want rather than just dream of. 

    With my help … you will learn new techniques and ways to balance your work and personal life with ease, clarity and fortitude to savour happiness. 

    Burn Out, Stress & Anxiety

     Todays’ world moves at a super fast pace and constantly changes 24/7.  Life is very dynamic and it’s  pressures increase every minute. Which train are you trying to catch?  Nobody wants to be left out.   

    With my help …  you will learn important skills to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally so you can perform to your optimum potential at work, in your relationships and your own personal growth.  It is time to change your perspective! 

    Life Coaching failure and perfection

    Failure vs Perfection

    Constantly focusing on your mistakes and continuously striving to have a flawless life are traits which can pull you down quickly.  They make you stuck – it is like being in a whirlpool that you cannot leave, becoming your own worst enemy. Persistently indulging in critical self-evaluation and making your mistakes the focal point of your life will only validate your negative thinking.   

    With my help … you will appreciate that failure and perfection are perceptions of how we see ourselves and our world.  We will review and redefine your version of your own failures and perfections with the help of a few tips and hints – enabling you to change your map of the world which will hugely benefit you. 

    Support Those Who Support You

     Do you feel at times your own support system drifts apart from you, be it co-workers, family, friends etc?  Quite often we get so caught up in our own journey we forget about those who have supported us in making our dream and visions come true.  Don’t forget those who have been a pillar of strength and support to you, to help you get to where you are today. 

    With my help … let’s sit together and connect with your purpose and values of life to rediscover the compassionate and appreciative and attentive version of you. 

    Personal Growth & Development

    Imagine greater self esteem, increased emotional intelligence, increased confidence, better time management are available to you to follow your passion, bringing creativity back into your life so you can embrace the next chapter of your life. 

    With my help you can discover what makes you tick and makes you truly happy and complete. 

    Boundaries & Communication

    A boundary is a safety net that protects us and everyone in a relationship.  Having no boundaries or having weak boundaries can lead to resentment, judgements and people treating us with doormat tendencies. 

    With my help … I will show you how to implement boundaries in your life to communicate properly to improve relationships.  Resulting in better clarity filled constructive communication, with respect and value for everyone involved. 

    YOUR JOB = Are you ready to make a change? 

    MY JOB =  To empower you with tools and skills to make the change 

    ‘’Bhavya helped me to believe in myself and my strengths. After our coaching session I succeeded to rank advance in my network marketing business for the first time in two years’’

    – Adele Diana

    ‘’Bhavya helped me to believe in myself and my strengths. After our coaching session I succeeded to rank advance in my network marketing business for the first time in two years’’

    – Adele Diana


    How did I get into coaching?

    How did I end up doing what I do now?

    From ‘people-pleaser’ to purpose-driven life coach, championing self-respect, motivation & productivity. My passion? To help you aim higher than ever before. 

    Here’s why…

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