It’s your turn to go from busy to balanced, from flustered to fulfilled.

Busy, passionate high-achievers come to me for coaching when they feel like something’s missing from their ‘picture-perfectlife


It’s like an addiction… but accepted and expected. People admire how much you get done. You’re a leader at work. You’re a model employee, volunteer and citizen. There’s glitter and glamour and glory.

Meanwhile, under that shiny surface…

you’re exhausted. 

Your relationships are suffering. You never see your friends. You know you’re not taking care of yourself. Fear, self-doubt and sadness keep creeping in.  

The harder you work to avoid the bad feelings, the bigger the hole in your heart grows.

I understand you’re a go-getter, but…

When did you last feel fully alive?
Are you fulfilled when you get through your to-do list?
Does a paralyzing fear of failure stop you from trying anything new?
Do you feel disconnected from loved ones and friends?
Is all your self worth linked to your outcomes?

Are we a good fit?

What’s Holding You Back? Tell Me Your Story.

I recovered from over-achieving, people-pleasing, and yearning for connection, balance and peace. Now it’s your turn.

Make your life matter, to you

  • Imagine more time with loved ones, time to pursue a passion, more ‘you’ time, more time to let a romance blossom.
  • Imagine a balanced life, one that’s exciting and rewarding while stable and calm.
  • Imagine connecting to your authentic self, getting clear on your values and purpose, choosing the direction you’re going, and knowing exactly why.

Wow. That feels like a new way to live. Stress and anxiety are melting away. You feel okay making mistakes. You say No confidently and start to set boundaries. You’re motivated, excited, waking up energetic. You take up new challenges, and still have room for you-time, work-time, friends and family-time.

Finally, you’re putting yourself first in line, and creating a life that matters to you!


Bhavya helped me to believe in myself and my strengths. After our business coaching sessions I succeeded to achieve the next level in my network marketing business for the first time in two years.”


I came to Bhavya after visiting counsellors and therapists, I always felt there was something missing in me and in my life and my anxiety starting mounting up. I went to her as my last resort. Through the work we did together, I finally moved, after being stuck in the rut for over 5 years.”

A balanced life, that’s still rewarding

I’m a certified coach who is passionate about supporting busy, highly-motivated, passionately-competitive, high achievers like you to overcome anxity and develop a strong mindset so you can live the life you want. I know you can thrive and prosper while enjoying a balanced life, both personally and professionally. I’ve been there, I’ve helped others, and now it’s your turn. Let’s create what you’re longing for.

Not sure where to start?

If you are looking for executive coaching, business coaching, personal development coaching or life coaching, it does not matter what you are looking for, Forward Focus London can help. Book a complimentary 30-minute chat to discuss your needs. I’ll explain my approach, and we’ll both get a feel for how well we work together.


Live the Life you Say You Want.

Not sure where to start?

Book a complimentary 30-minute chat to discuss your needs. I’ll explain my approach, and we’ll both get a feel for how well we work together.

Excellent understanding of myself, which automatically assisted me in overcoming many barriers in my life. Enjoyed doing the perspective exercises as it helped me to shift my focus as well as give new things a try and helped me develop a strong mindset.”  


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