Private Coaching Session London

For busy high-achievers who want rapid results 

In your 1-hour, 1:1, Private Coaching Session In London or Online, we’ll address a specific emotion, thought, habit or belief that is holding you back, so you can get moving again instantly.

No matter how capable or successful we are there will be moments that we just can’t figure something out.

Even if you’re not sure what’s got at crossroads

 You know it feels bad: > You’re actively avoiding a task > You’re inner critic is LOUD!! > You can’t sleep.

“Bhavya and I connected on social media as I was trying to establish the correct path for my career. In one session Bhavya had picked up on the true essence of what I needed to do and how to get there. We established keywords and created an action plan. Very Helpful”

– Alex – Influencer


As a qualified professional certified coach, I work exclusively with professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs and fellow coaches. I help my clients discover what’s missing, why they feel stuck, why is their dream so distant, what’s getting in their way, and how to get moving. We dig deep into what’s going on, and open you up to new awareness and fresh possibilities. I am passionate about helping you gain true clarity on your next steps and direction…this matters to me. I know how it Feels to be frustrated, burnt out and disgruntled, I Felt the same low self esteem, limiting self beliefs and inability to bounce back from disappointments, and what I Found is a formula that bridged my worries to regain confidence through my success and I want to show you how to do the same.
Bhavya Arora Dynamically Cross Your Bridge
“The hour I had with Bhavya was very eye opening. After the session I had a new perspective on my mission, was able to prioritise goals and gave me the confidence to push forward” – Joe P – Media Company Owner

Private Coaching Session London

If you’re stuck and need clarity NOW, this Power Session is for you. Private Coaching Session London

In our 1-Hour Power Session, an area of your life that is causing particular stress and overwhelm at the moment,will be looked at. Where is the most pressing pain right now? What’s stopping you in your tracks? Approaching this and shedding light on it will ease things

You’ll get a recording of the session to keep, and an action plan to help you move forward NOW.

➔ Clarity ➔ Focus ➔ Prioritization
➔ New perspective ➔ Stress Management Skill ➔ Fresh determination
➔ Overcome challenging situation ➔ Ability to make a pressing decision confidently…
‘’My coaching outcome was the understanding that I have a choice’’ – Shawn D – Entrepreneur

Private Coaching Session London
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