For ambitious high-performers who know something’s missing

In Forward Focus London’s bespoke, ongoing, 1:1, private coaching partnership, we’ll zero in on what you need to create an exciting, rewarding life that includes time to take care of yourself, pursue your passions, and spend time with the people you love.

I help busy, motivated high achievers find balance in their personal and professional lives so they can start feeling fulfilled instead of running on empty. 

For the last few years, I’ve empowered my coaching clients with the skills and self-awareness to design, plan and rebuild their lives with confidence; to be their own “Architect of Change’’ and design a life of balance, stability, security and success. I’ve both felt and seen the rewards of living a balanced life, and I love to share insights, new tools, and current research on the topics of balance, awareness, meaningful work, and emotional wellbeing.

You’re in the right place, if you’re a driven and passionately competitive person, an achiever who is always on the move, with a mind going a million miles per second.

And if you’ve noticed that the whirlwind of success you’ve created is now having detrimental effects on other areas of your life.

You’re happiest when you’re engaged, challenged and motivated. And you also want time to

> Make memories with your loved ones

> Dote on your children

> Follow your dream career path

> Explore your passions and pursue your hobbies

> Have a good time with friends

> Start a charity

> Deal with emotions that are holding you back

> Build healthier habits so you’re more resilient

> Plan for the future

Umami: the “essence of deliciousness” in Japanese; a taste that is often described as the meaty, savory deliciousness that deepens flavour.

You want to bring back the balance and keep the umami!

How can someone so accomplished have a life that feels so lopsided?

Being a doer, you have tried everything… yet nothing works! 

It feels like finding the answer just adds to the work 

You’ve read every self-help book you can lay your hands on. You’ve been to numerous development workshops. You even invested in that high-end enlightenment retreat in the Alps. Plus all the podcasts. And that spiritual guide.

 Gosh… it feels like all you’ve been doing is making everyone else rich.

But nothing is actually working to bring about real change, the change you so desperately want in your life. The process is painful, unrewarding and time consuming

 You may have already tried working with a coach, one who was highly-qualified with lots of experience. But it felt too generic and not bespoke. You’re looking for someone with the specific skill set, energy and approach to match your needs and personality. You want the right coach, for you.

Your energy, your solution, your coach

As a professional certified coach, I work exclusively with high-achievers, high-performers and ambitious professionals.

I help my clients discover what’s missing, why they feel stuck, what’s getting in their way, and how to get moving. We dig deep into what’s going on, and open you up to new awareness and fresh possibilities. I’m passionate about helping you gain true clarity on your next steps and direction.This matters to me.

I’ve felt first-hand the pain, frustrations, anxiety, hopelessness, guilt, self-doubt and shame, even as a high-achiever experiencing professional success.

Bhavya Arora Dynamically Cross Your Bridge

I know one size doesn’t fit all! 

Your coaching plan is designed, created and carried out to suit your individual needs. It is one of a kind that caters to your personality and ultimate desires.


A close confidant, with the skill to uncover clarity

You don’t have to struggle to ‘make time’ to read that book or attend that retreat. Every one of our sessions will be productive and rewarding. You’ll gain new understanding, find real clarity, and focus with ease on the direction you want to take and why, so you make decisions with confidence. I’ll keep you motivated and help you stick with the changes you commit to.

Think of me as your ally and guide along your transformational journey!

In our coaching partnership, we can explore:

  1. Your personal and professional life, and what you feel might be missing
  2. Your big goals, dreams and visions – even the ones that feel out of reach
  3. Long-lost passions and hobbies; what you want to bring more of into your life
  4. Your values and purpose, and how to bring your relationships back in alignment
  5. Your strengths and achievements, and what you wish to improve
  6. Limiting and self-sabotaging behaviours, and how to interrupt them
  7. Accountability to keep you on track with the changes you commit too

Clients report wonderful results from our coaching:

✔ New-found clarity and courage

✔ Far less stress and anxiety

✔ More balanced achievement: feeling great about work and life

✔ More patience, calm, optimism and better relationships

✔ New perspectives, shifts in mindset, healthier habits

✔ More confidence in decision-making, risk-taking and stretching out of the comfort zone

✔ A life that matters and feels meaningful!

In my experience, coaching is not therapy as it empowered me to reset my course of action as I saw fit. My sessions helped me to observe more clearly, which instilled confidence in my decisions.”

I’d love to help you find balance and fulfillment in your life

  1. We begin with a complimentary 30-minute chat to discuss your needs, and I’ll explain how I work. We’ll both get a feel for how well we work together.
  2. I’ll send you a coaching agreement to sign, and you’ll provide bank details.
  3. I’ll send you a questionnaire to complete before our first session, so we’re ready and excited for our first call.

Our 3-month coaching partnership includes 8 sessions spanning 8 hours .

Sessions are mainly online or in person if possible

Our first session will be 2 hrs.
We’ll clarify your vision, set goals and targets to achieve on the way. In other words, we’ll co-create your personalized coaching plan with priorities.
Then you will have 5 x 1-hour sessions (weekly / fortnightly).
We’ll have ample opportunity to unpack challenges, shift stuck behavioural or thought patterns, and create new, effective and constructive habits and beliefs.
Our last session will be 1 hour. We’ll summarise what you’ve learnt, celebrate how far you’ve come, and choose what comes next.

I’ve added a bonus, 1-hour, follow-up session at the end of our 4th month.

  • We’ll agree on actions you’ll take in between each and every session, and how I can help you stay accountable..
  • You’ll have all the tools you need to achieve your goals.
  • You’ll also have unlimited email & whats app support!

3-month Ongoing Coaching (Total 9 hours)
Investment: GBP £999
Ask about interest free payment plans

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