It’s so hard to step out of your whirlwind life, even for a minute.

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I know. I’ve been in that place, where life is off-balance. From the outside, your life looks shiny and successful — glamorous, even! But on the inside you feel like you’re constantly racing to keep up…

Keep up the performance, keep pleasing people, keep delivering results, keep holding everything together.

You know you’re hiding, avoiding and missing out on some really important parts of your life. 

 I am a recovering high-achiever. And I will help you get your life back.

I help busy go-getters like you rebalance your life, personal as well as professional, so you feel fulfilled instead of empty. 

Through coaching, I provide you the support to work through overwhelming emotions and counter-productive behaviour patterns which have been holding you back. You can reach your maximum potential while enjoying the rewards of a balanced life.

I’ve walked in your shoes. I know how it feels when life is off-balance. Have hope! Today

I have no regrets about life, whatsoever. Nor should you!

The level of trust in our coaching relation was so high and thus I could really open up, open my heart and show my deepest fears, so they could be overcome.”

This is my story. Is it your story too?

I realised being a high achiever in one area of my life was having detrimental implications in all other aspects of my life.

Let me take you back to 2013. I had left one high-pressure job for another: Everything was urgent and high-stakes. I was the world’s biggest people-pleaser. In spite of being a successful high-performer at work, certain areas of my life were definitely on the other end of the spectrum.

How was I living at two extremes? I was a super-confident, energetic extrovert; a high-achiever in my professional life. But I was exhausted, [insecure | hesitant |  indecisive | anxious] and totally misunderstood in other aspects of my life.

I was doing so much, but something was still missing. 

There were still so many gaps to fill.

transformational life coach Bhavya Arora

What was I doing wrong? I was working so hard to do everything right!

I dreamt big and had high aspirations for myself. I challenged and pushed myself. When I felt I could go no further, I went that extra mile no matter what.

There was a point in my life when my self-worth was based on my achievements. I felt fulfilled, or… I thought I was fulfilled.

I noticed as I was climbing my career ladder and flying high, I mastered masking my emotions and denying all the things I really longed for in my life. The things I wanted to do, like following my passions, taking some me-time, spending time with family and friends, paying better attention to my emotional and physical wellbeing so I could recover from burnout and stress… all these kept falling to the bottom of my list.

I felt guilty any time I focussed on things other than work.

Achieving results replaced my true longings. I pushed down my yearning to live my values and purpose. The gaps in my life kept getting bigger. And I was hungry to fill those gaps.

How do you bring balance into your busy life?

I know that when you’re ‘highly-accomplished’ it is very hard to reach out for help. We feel ashamed to ask for anything. And sometimes, we don’t even know what to ask for.

Working with a coach provided me with a wonderfully safe, supportive space to unpack everything that scared me, upset me, frustrated and bewildered me. It wasn’t about stopping the hamster wheel… it was about stepping right out of it, and being able to look at my life with clarity, intention and purpose.

With the clarity I gained through self-awareness, I finally got to choose the direction I wanted to go in, figured out why (so I wouldn’t slide back into old patterns) and found the courage to begin.

You can have that too!

In January 2021, I had a breakdown in my mental health and admitted myself to a psychiatric ward. It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but it was necessary, as I had been struggling with many stressful events over the previous few months:

  • Moving house (twice!)
  • Coping with family illnesses
  • Overload of client work
  • Emotional stress
  • Furnishing a new flat
  • Christmas
  • Managing with the pandemic restrictions
  • Dispute with a neighbour


With all these events, it’s no wonder it tipped me over the edge and I needed help. With hindsight, I can see that one of the patterns I’ve noticed most in my life and business is my tendency to be a people pleaser.


With the help of my transformational life coach Bhavya Arora, I’ve begun to see myself in a new light and will be putting myself first as the number 1 person I need to be kind to. Bhavya, is a positive sensitive coach. As her business name suggests, her emphasis is always to move forward. No matter what has befallen you in the past, the past is for leaving behind, and the future is where it’s at. No regrets. She has a knack for getting you to realize your potential and erasing doubts. I really benefited from her, especially her visualization techniques, which dealt with my fears and low esteem.

What this means is a recalibration of my life and priorities. I won’t be chasing after validation from other people – I already am enough. I believe I have a lot to offer yet in life and it’s time I took the opportunities to become the best version of me possible. I cannot be grateful enough to Bhavya for her undivided attention and support to help me tide over such intense times in my life


– Anon

How I will support you

The real essence of my work is to provide continuous support to my clients whether it be in confidence coaching, business coaching, life coaching or personal development coaching when they need it most in their life, whether they’re seasoned or new to coaching.

I understand being energetic, passionately competitive and self-motivated. There are many perks with living a purposeful life, personally and professionally.

I’m very passionate about empowering my clients with the skills and self-awareness to design, plan and rebuild their lives with confidence; to be their own “Architect of Change’’ and design a life of balance, stability, security and success.

We’ll explore your current habits, building self-awareness, supporting you to clarify your values and purpose, connecting you to what you truly want in life, and finally helping you to put in place goals, action and accountability so you can overcome the self-sabotaging thoughts, behavioural patterns and fears that have been holding you back.

I love to see my clients’ self-esteem, confidence and emotional intelligence grow.

Are we a good fit?

My Credentials

I am a Certified, Professional, Co-Active Coach (CPCC) trained by the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), one of the most highly-regarded professional coach training institutes in the world.

I am also an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and adhere to their code of ethics and core competencies.

And I am an Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching Practitioner (ORSC) with CRR UK / CRR Global. CRR Global is an ICF-certified coach training organization and consultancy firm.

My Heroes

I am also committed and passionate about helping people suffering with cancer, because my Mother and Aunt both experienced this. They are my true heroes, never giving up and moving through life with a smile on their face. It can bring strength, resilience, and motivation. These women are the courageous mentors – the true teachers in my life!
Bhavya Arora is a dynamic and fluid coach who is able to translate helpful concepts and communicate effective strategies to implement in creating positive change. We loved learning her insights into how to stop self-sabotage as well as how to reflect, and rewrite one’s life. If you have an opportunity to work with Bhavya – then grab it and be sure to implement the simple yet effective tools she shares with you.’’ 

– Joanna James – Chief Ambassador The Successful Woman 

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