How Did I Get Into Coaching? How Did I End Up Doing What I Do Now?

Coaching people like you on exactly what to do to feel respected, so you feel visible, so you can set boundaries, so you can have a healthy mindset, so you can stop being your own worst enemy.  So you can feel more confident and have higher self-esteem.  So you are aware of your own emotional-intelligence.  So you achieve higher productivity, communicate better, experience deeper relationships.  So you are less stressed and have more time for your family.  So you are more focused and organised.  So you are available to new possibilities, so you have a higher level of awareness.  So you have increased motivation.  So you have staying power and the ability to create the life you say you want.  So you can aim higher than ever before.  So you can feel alive…

So you can dynamically cross your bridge in life.

It is best that I tell you a story, that I connect you to a defining moment in my life.  Let me take you back to 2013.  I was the world’s biggest people pleaser.  I was obsessed with making everyone around me happy and I focused entirely on other people’s needs.  Looking back now I can see that I adjusted my own behaviour so that others would like me.  I lived under the shadow of other people’s opinions and judgements.  I constantly measured my happiness on how other people felt.

I rarely spoke up for myself or voiced my opinions, when I did I was either told that I was silly or ignored.  Externally I am an extrovert, a hard working Capricorn, I am chatty, I make friends easily, I organise many social events and have a successful career.  Yet despite this, a part of me always felt I was not heard or listened to by the people who mattered to me. I felt dismissed.

Another recurring pattern was when I included people into my life and family, and slowly but surely they started to step over boundaries and cross the line.  I could not understand why I let it happen time and time again.  I started to blame myself for not trusting my initial instincts.

Being a cheerleader to others is really important to me as I love seeing other people win.  I also started feeling if something good happened to me or my family members, my inner circle didn’t truly feel happy for us.  They paid lip service with their congratulations but I could feel underlying envy and resentment. Usually from those who had way more than me in every aspect of their life!

I found myself frequently feeling sad, angry, frustrated and thinking negative thoughts, I started feeling quite bitter about my life.

During the Spring of 2014, I was looking for Summer camps for my son.  I found some great ones and also shared this news with a very dear old friend. I clearly remember sitting at her dining table sharing the details of the summer camp as our boys are the same age.  Her husband walked into the room, he heard the details of the camp and said, ‘People have more money than brains’.  He whispered a couple of things to my friend and then he started walking upstairs, saying to me ‘ I  bet your husband will feel the same as me’.  I was actually gobsmacked!

Now bear with me here, this may not seem that dramatic, but to me it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I was shocked to my core, I was no longer going to accept people speaking to me and treating me with such disdain.  Also, my friend said nothing, not a word, not when he was there, after he left or even weeks, months or years later.

I was thinking am I really stupid and dumb? Am I a spendthrift who does not value money? Why didn’t my friend say anything? Or ask me how I felt? Am I that invisible?  When I left their home I was in floods of tears. I could not get over what happened for a while as I kept questioning myself, What did I do wrong again?

And then it dawned on me…

I hadn’t done anything wrong apart from being my own worst enemy.  I did not have my own back!  I was not respected and my friendship was not valued.  We show people how to treat us and from that moment on I decided I was not going to let people treat me disrespectfully anymore.

It was not only in friendships.  Similar situations would happen at work, I would take on others’ work load as they were having issues in their personal lives.  The many unconstructive and mis-communications in my relationships, personal and professional, were leading to my downfall – it was time to take control.

Decluttering my life became my mission…

Decluttering my life of the people and situations who were pulling me down, who were not in alignment with my values.  I decided that there was no longer any space for them in my life.  Setting boundaries was top on my list as I had to protect my energy and have compassion for myself.

That’s when a friend recommended a life coach.

I had no idea what one of those was!, but after the first visit I immediately realised not only had they helped me but I wanted to help others too.  I wanted to help and support people to overcome their own challenges and blocks, to set boundaries in their life, to stop their self sabotaging thoughts and limiting beliefs.  I cleaned up my act and started coaching men and women, business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, domestic goddesses and returning to work Mums – on how they can do the same.

I watched their self esteem, confidence and emotional intelligence grow.  

I watched their motivation and productivity increase.  I watched the compassion for themselves and others come back to life.  I saw how they overcome their challenges, fears and saboteurs with confidence, clarity and focus.  I saw they were clear on the direction of where their lives were going.  I saw that the chances of them burning out decreased, along with the reduction of anxiety and stress.  It was replaced by a healthy mindset, emotional, mental and physical wellness.  I saw that they achieved work/life balance as they had a new perspective on life.  I saw that they had the power to say ‘’NO’’ guilt free, and that they no longer feared failure.  I saw that they were ready to aim high in life.  AND, more importantly that they stuck to the changes they committed too.

I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping other busy high achievers who feel overwhelmed and unmotivated in life, by providing dynamic support to stop their self-sabotage, enabling them to cross their bridge seamlessly from where they currently are to where they want to be.

Since the Spring of 2014, I have worked with many private clients, spoken in front of countless groups: I lived my dream of being who I want to be, doing things that make me happy and feel complete.  I now have the power to say no without feeling guilty and justifying my actions.  Experiencing freedom of mind, speech and thoughts.  Most importantly I have compassion for me with strong boundaries.  There is no longer anyone in my life who does not deserve to be there.  Yes I experience day-to-day up’s and down’s, who doesn’t – that’s life! but I know I am in control of my thoughts and actions.  



Get your engine moving!


Connect with what you truly want


Reboot your life!


It's all about you

I work with people just like you who are…

  • High achievers 
  • Busy and do not have the time or money to waste
  • Prepared to invest in support to move you where you are to where you want to be
  • Feeling overwhelmed with no time to think about your emotions and how they are holding you back – so you are currently not moving ahead
  • Wanting to change but do not know where to start
  • Letting their ego hold you back from asking for help in order to make a change 
  • Looking for long-term sustainable results

What makes me different from other transformational coaches?

It is important to me that I ensure you…

  • Understand what it feels like to be in control of how you feel and your actions
  • Increase your potential, leading to higher performance at work or in your business
  • Understand your own capacity and how to manage this
  • End your day feeling satisfied, alive and fulfilled
  • Sleep well
  • Enjoy better relationships with your family, friends and colleagues 
  • Take life’s ups and downs in your stride and feel in control
  • Overcome life’s inevitable bumps with ease and grace
  • Walk through – rather than around situations
  • Experience the benefits of being patient
  • Saying ‘no’ guilt free
  • Taking time out for you
  • Enjoy your life
  • Being accountable to the changes you commit too 

Have no regrets in life. Whatsoever. 

Bhavya Arora is a Transformational Coach who helps her clients stop the self-sabotage so that they can dynamically cross their bridge in life.  Bhavya trained with the CRR Global and CTI training schools which are both ICF Certified and Accredited bodies and pioneers in their field.  She lives at home in London with her husband and 2 children.

CPCC Coach

CERTIFIED CPCC [Certified Professional Co Active Coach ]   –  CTI is at the forefront of helping individuals and organizations reach their greatest potential and creating a tight-knit global community of learners and leaders. 

ACC Coach

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) have demonstrated knowledge and emerging proficiency in the application of the ICF Core Competencies, Code of Ethics, and definition of coaching. Earners show a commitment to high ethical standards and have demonstrated, through rigorous assessment, professional competence in their work with clients.


ORSC Practitioner [ Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching ] with CRR UK / CRR Global. CRR Global is an ICF-certified coach training organization and consultancy firm. We are home to the world-renowned Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching methodology (ORSC™).

As Helen Keller once said – ‘Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light’.  Discovering you have cancer, can bring up a lot of emotions, thoughts, fears and change of perspectives.  It can bring strength, resilience, motivation in a few and not in some.  Bhavya is committed and passionate to helping people suffering with cancer because her Mother and her Aunt both experienced this.  They are her true heroes. Never giving up and moving through life with a smile on their face.  She feels they are the  true fighters, the courageous mentors – the true teachers!


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