I was living
without living

how I escaped the whirlwind of expectations that consumed my energy

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I know only too well that the overwhelming feeling of an off- balance life


Most people put on a brave face and smile under stress but deep inside they are living with overwhelm, doubt, stress and uncertainty.

I know how they Feel because I Felt the same.

What I Found was a simple structure with clarity of my goals and my purpose, and I created an action plan together with a mentor.

This was my turning point to my success today and I want to help you do the same.

High Achievers Pay A High Price Including Lots Of Sacrifice

As a high achiever I did exactly that with little time with family, not eating properly, not taking time out for personal rest, not having time to be with friends, no time to pursue my hobbies and interests, and that was a high price and lots of sacrifice.

So I decided to help high achievers and go-getters like you to rebalance your life, personally and professionally, to create the ultimate work-life balance whilst enjoying life to the fullest with my simple proven formulas.

“My experience of Bhavya Arora is, a certified professional who operates her coaching business from personal experience, research and self-education. On the occasions she has spoken at 1230 The Women’s Company, I have noticed her clarity and efficiency in communication, and how everyone comes away feeling uplifted, with actionable, achievable plans to improve their lives. I have no doubt nor hesitation in recommending Bhavya, both as a coaching professional but also as a speaker and writer”

– Jackie Groundsell – MD 1230 The Women’s Company

“Excellent understanding of myself, which automatically assisted me in overcoming many barriers in my life.I started my own business finally”

– Andrew – Cafe Owner

“I came to Bhavya after visiting counsellors and therapists, I always felt there was something missing in me and in my life. I went to her as my last resort. Through the work we did together I finally moved in my life after being stuck in the rut for over 5 years.”

– Sonia – PHD 


I realised being a high achiever in one area of my life was having detrimental effects in other aspects of my life.

Let me take you back to 2014. I had left one high-pressure job for another. Everything was urgent. I was the world’s biggest people-pleaser. In spite of being a successful at work, certain areas of my life were definitely on the other end of the spectrum.

Juggling my life to create a work / life balance was not easy and I was left exhausted and frustrated. So,

  • How do you see yourself now with regards to your work life balance?
  • Is your personal life balanced?
  • Are you juggling to create your career advancement goals?
  • What is the missing piece in your life, overall?

This is why I am passionate in helping people overcome their challenging times. By taking the experiences from my personal journey, I have created a formula for people whose life gets tedious and is lacking in purpose, to help them identify their wants and needs so they can achieve their goals

It is a wonderful feeling of having peace of mind
and everything falling into place!

So, how do you see yourself in a picture with peace of mind?


I have noticed people go through life struggling, feeling disgruntle and making it complicated when it’s not needed. With the help of my simple yet powerful proven programs, people get what they want quicker, which obviously means we ‘’Leap To Success’’. My QLF program – Quantum Leap Formula, is a simple and effective program for 3 months to direct you from the cross roads of your life to where you want to be. Also, our Power Hour program for rapid results, has proven to be a success for those who need instant clarity.

I love to see my clients’ self-esteem, confidence and emotional intelligence grow, while they taking that leap of faith to their success and fulfilment

My Credentials

I am a Certified, Professional, Co-Active Coach (CPCC) trained by the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), one of the most highly-regarded professional coach training institutes in the world.

I am also an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and adhere to their code of ethics and core competencies.

And I am an Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching Practitioner (ORSC) with CRR UK / CRR Global. CRR Global is an ICF-certified coach training organization and consultancy firm.

My Heroes

I am also committed and passionate about helping people suffering with cancer, because my Mother and Aunt both experienced this. They are my true heroes, never giving up and moving through life with a smile on their face. It can bring strength, resilience, and motivation. These women are the courageous mentors – the true teachers in my life!

Bhavya Arora is a dynamic and fluid coach who is able to translate helpful concepts and communicate effective strategies to implement in creating positive change. We loved learning her insights into how to stop self-sabotage as well as how to reflect, and rewrite one’s life. If you have an opportunity to work with Bhavya – then grab it and be sure to implement the simple yet effective tools she shares with you.’’ 

– Joanna James – Chief Ambassador The Successful Woman 

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