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I’m often asked to write around topics of self-awareness, work-life balance, choosing new perspectives, power in manifestation, emotional /physical wellness and health, how to overcome self sabotaging emotions like anxiety, a stuck mindset, and ways to thrive while staying in a balanced life.

Each one of us has a leader within, by connecting to that inner leader we can unleash our inner strength, confidence and develop a healthy mindset.

I am always delighted to contribute towards such write ups as it aligns with my purpose in life, which is to provide continuous support to people just like you and me who don’t know where to start, how to start, or even are shy to ask for help.

The goal behind the creation of Forward Focus London is to inspire and encourage while helping our audience shift their perspective in a way that changes their lives for the better.

Check out some of my publications below

Everyone will have their own idea about their optimal environment and schedule for their wellness sabbatical in the comfort of their own home. In this article, I  share a wellness time table which I enjoy, however please feel free to tailor it to suit your personal needs and preferences. I also contributed towards tips on how to create an environment Zen, the importance of setting boundaries, and how it is a wonderful time to reflect on one’s life journey. 
It is all about you, it is your investment in you, it is your time to rejuvenate yourself inside out!

Nurturing our thoughts enables us to make our dreams and visions real. By parenting our thoughts, we can achieve whatever we set our mind on. Once we overcome emotions that hold us back, our accomplishments are limitless. In this article, I shared tips on how we can nourish our thoughts and turn our dreams into reality. You are a magnet and can attract whatever you wish upon.What you need is a receptive spirit to accept abundance.

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Sometimes when it feels your support system is drifting away it can be useful to ask whether you missed the moments when others needed your help In this article, I explain WHO your support pillars are, and the many ways they offer support, some of which go unsung and unnoticed. Then I delve deeper, to the many answers WHY pillars in the support network disintegrate, which will vary from person to person. And finally some tips. And finally, HOW to repair your support system and nurture it. On a practical and emotional level, there are several ways to try to repair these important relationships. Some might let you back into their lives, as long as certain boundaries are not crossed, but others might be to hurt to try again. Try not to beat yourself up about this, but learn from it.

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I am grateful to be interviewed by Katherine Sidnell for an article on how people can start to regain confidence in the face of uncertainty.
From confronting your emotions to setting boundaries and making self care your number one priority, this article talks about emotions, feelings and challenges to all are faced with mentally and emotionally.
Please do have a read and love to hear how you can make self care your number one priority!

Unshakable confidence in the wake of uncertainty | How to leave lockdown more confident than ever
Forward Focus London

How a people pleaser became a dynamic coach: Bhavya Arora | ONUS Health Talks Series Episode #2.

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It’s Women Empowerment Wednesday, and ABN Circle is celebrating Bhavya Arora— Transformational Life Coach/Speaker/Writer/founder of Forward Focus London. Bhavya’s mission is to help busy, motivated high achievers to find balance in their personal and professional lives to continue to live their lives to the fullest without feeling burnt out. If you are the go-getter and want to discover what you might have been missing, or find a new way to feel energized & bring a good balance to your busy life as Bhavya did, go to the link below to find out how she did it!


Thank you, BEYOUROWN, BEYOUROWN Collective, BEYOUROWN Membership Club Directory for inviting me to write an article which I cannot stress is so important now, more than ever. Let’s support each other, and while doing that, let’s not cross boundaries. Let’s respect, appreciate and value everyone who is supporting and helping us, no matter how small, to make our lives smoother, easier, more manageable, so we can focus on what we truly want.

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