Advance In Your Career – Case Study

Advance In Your Career

Advance In Your Career – A Case Study – Shawn’s Journey from Stagnation to FulfilmentReal name of my client not disclosed due to confidentiality reasons

My coaching outcome was understanding that I have a choice. Letting go of my old stories, distractions, and managing stress. Realising I can create a new path was big for me. I was able to connect with my strengths. Now, I am growing into a more daring version of myself and moving in the direction of my vision of setting up my start-up company – Shawn D

Bit of a Background:

When I first met Shawn, his go-to phrase was “I don’t have a choice, I have to…” It really showed how he felt trapped and lacking in enthusiasm for life. He felt like he had to keep going without any other options.

Challenges Hindering Shawn:

Through our sessions, Shawn got aware of  the barriers hindering his progress- 

 a lack of clarity, self-doubt, and a disconnect from his true passions and purpose. These obstacles left him feeling off-balance and low in confidence, preventing him from pursuing his long-held dream.

The Ah Ha Moment – Turning Point in Shawn’s Life:

Our collaboration sparked an “ah ha” moment when he realised that he wasn’t truly living, he wasn’t enjoying what he was doing, the motivation and the energy to go further was diminishing –  he was merely surviving. 

This revelation sparked a newfound determination to break free from his stagnant state and pursue a life aligned with his passions and purpose.

This was his turning point. Recognizing that he couldn’t ignore his calling any longer, Shawn made a bold decision to leave his lucrative city job behind.

With a fresh perspective, Shawn rediscovered the blueprint of his long-held dream, which had been buried and forgotten over time.

Advance In Your Career

Shawn’s Bold Step Forward – Advance In Your Career: 

Taking a leap of faith, Shawn made a courageous decision to step into the unknown and pursue his dream of starting his own sustainable living venture.

Choosing to pursue his passion for sustainable living, Shawn founded his own startup. Despite grappling with uncertainty, he found comfort in his decision –  “I want a life aligned with my purpose and my values.” 

This clarity provided him with the courage to confront his fears and doubts head-on.


Shawn’s journey shows how powerful it is to move past fear and doubt and make big changes.By carefully weighing his options and potential risks, he unlocked a world of new opportunities and possibilities.

His story teaches us that keeping moving forward is key to a fulfilling life and to advance in your career. By embracing change and chasing his dreams, Shawn not only succeeded but also motivated others to do the same.

When I asked Shawn to share the three most important things he learned on his journey…

  1. I have  the power to choose what I want
  2. Not to let fear of failure hold you back from seizing opportunities.
  3. It’s important to follow your purpose for feeling fulfilled, balanced, and accomplished.

In short, Shawn’s journey highlights how courage, clarity, and commitment can transform stagnation into fulfilment.

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