Forgiveness is a magic key


Forgiveness is a magic key that frees you from feeling angry & sad.

It takes a lot of courage to forgive. It helps us let go of bad feelings about things that happened in the past. Even though forgiving someone or ourselves might be hard, it helps us feel better inside. It’s like taking off heavy chains that were holding us back. 

Forgiveness isn’t just about feeling better ourselves—it also helps us sort out problems with people we care about. And when we forgive, it can inspire other people to be kind too. 

In a world where people sometimes don’t get along, forgiveness is like a bright light that reminds us we’re all connected and capable of being loving and understanding. 

So, by forgiving others and ourselves, we make the world a happier place where everyone can find peace. 


My forgiveness journey… 

For years, I carried around a heavy burden of resentment towards my childhood friend who had betrayed my trust. Every time I thought about what had happened, anger and bitterness consumed me, making it hard for me to move on and find peace. However, after much reflection and soul-searching, I decided to forgive my friend. It wasn’t easy, 

but I realised that holding onto the past was only hurting myself. As I embraced forgiveness, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. I no longer felt controlled by my anger and was able to rebuild my relationship with my friend. Our friendship may never be the same however, now we both can breathe freely without any anger, and have a laugh. 

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