Cross Your Bridge


This is a package, preferred by most of my clients and designed for those who want a complete reboot of their life.  For those who want to embrace and savour the benefits of the full coaching process, and fully commit to dynamically crossing your bridge in life.

This Package Is For You If…

  • You want to achieve personal growth and professional growth
  • You want to overcome challenges and obstacles 
  • You want to break old habits
  • You are fed up of being demotivated
  • You are suffering from an unhealthy mindset
  • Your current perspectives not serving you
  • You feel disconnected from your true self

Your Takeaways From This Package Will Be:

  • Clarity and focus in the direction of where you going and why 
  • Increased self-confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness 
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Elevation of motivation and creativity
  • Bringing your values and purpose to life
  • A  healthy mindset, to awaken you to new possibilities
  • New perspectives on life
  • The power to say ‘No’ confidently
  • Improved relationships and communications skills at work and in your personal life
  • The ability to stick to changes you make
  • Never fear failure
  • The power to aim high
  • Experience freedom of expression,thoughts and speech
  • Decrease in stress and anxiety levels  
  • Prioritize things by getting more organised
  • Having time for adventure and passions = you time
  • Burnout will be thing of the past, resulting in = work/life balance
  • Rewrite your version of success and  perfection that serves you
  • Accountability towards the changes you commit to
  • My support in breaking your commitments into manageable steps all towards your goals.

Your Commitment =

Total 15 hours  spread over 6 months / 24 weeks

[ 6 months / 24 weeks from the date of start of the 1st session]

First  session 2 hours & last session 2 hours

11 x 1 hr  sessions
[can be weekly, fortnightly or even with a larger gap, at discretion of the coach]


  • Unlimited email and What’s app support
  • 6 x 15 mins spot coaching via zoom, skype or phone call. Date / Time mutually agreed upon.
  • 3 x 1 hour follow up sessions at the end of 7th, 8th and 9th month.

YOUR JOB =  To be ready to cross your bridge

MY JOB = Empower you with tools and skills to do it!


Payment plan available – please speak to Bhavya


Great, then let’s have a chat .

Before we start your coaching journey, it's very important to explore if we are a good fit.  Do we have that important coaching chemistry!

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