A series of 3 workshops, to motivate, energise and inspire you, so you can Thrive whilst staying balanced in your life. A rewarding and fulfilled life.

Make your life matter, to you! –
Group Coaching Journey

Do you want to feel Energised and Fulfilled instead of running on empty?

You want to bring back the Balance and keep the Umami in your life so you can Thrive. You want to zero in on what you need to create an exciting, rewarding life that also includes time to take care of yourself, pursue your passions,spend time with the people you love and  have a successful career.


So,are you ready to be your own ‘’Archtiect of change’’?

Learn skills and gain self awareness on how to design, plan and rebuild your life with confidence,so the days of keeping up appearances,constantly delivering results,pleasing everyone and missing out on the important parts of your life be a thing of the past. 


Yes! Great!

Now,it’s your turn to go from busy to balanced, from flustered to fulfilled. A balanced life that’s still rewarding.

This group coaching journey is designed to give you…

  • New-found clarity and courage
  • More balanced achievement: feeling great about work and life
  • More patience, motivation and resilience 
  • New perspectives and shifts in mindset
  • More confidence in decision-making
  • The Next Step – Plan to move forward


How does it work?

The series of 3 workshops will take place in evenings approx 7.30 pm to 9 pm.


1st session CLARITY & FOCUS – Get a birds eye view of  where your are ‘Now’ in your life. Find clarity and focus in the direction you want to go and the ‘why’. Reconnect with your authentic self  by exploring your values and purpose in life.Get motivated and excited to create a life that matters and is meaningful for you!


2nd session CONFIDENCE & RESILIENCE – Learn how to overcome self sabotaging  thoughts and behaviours holding you back from fulfilling your dreams and goals. From your loud inner bully to the paralyzing fear of failure that’s stopping you from trying anything new, learn how to open yourself to new possibilities again


3rd session THE NEXT STEP – Action plan with manageable steps to support you to move forward,so you create what you truly want. Finally, you’re putting yourself first in line, and creating a life that matters to you!


Please email to register interest and know of the next group coaching program bhavya@forwardfocuslondon.com

[time/ day & topics are flexible if you like to  create and organise a small bespoke group for your own colleagues and friends]


I have some extras…

  • We’ll agree on some work you will do between sessions to delve deeper
  • You’ll also have unlimited whats app support during the course of the workshop to ask questions, share experiences  or clarify some points
  • You’ll have the tools  required to support your growth



  • A  bonus 1:1 private follow up [worth GBP 130]  coaching session after your workshop , to see how things are progressing  at your end and if you need any more clarifications or support in shedding some more light on an ongoing issue or a pressing matter. Date and time mutually agreed.


How much does it cost?

  • Your investment in your growth – GBP 150 [ It includes  all the above ]
I guess if you reading this you haven’t booked your spot yet…

I understand you may have some doubts or reservations…

Feedback from my group coaching clients how they went from doubts to ease…

  • Exhausted by the time it’s evening

‘’I completely understand how you feel, as I too am fatigued by evening after work and home life. However, through my own experience of attending a group coaching hosted by Bhavya,it was mind and heart opening and it created new learnings. New insights. I loved the way she began each session with 1 minute of meditation to quieten our mind and ended it the same way’’-Laura

  • Uncomfortable sharing feelings and experiences with a group of strangers

‘’ Bhavya’s group coaching was recommended by a friend who had attended the same. What I noticed was me being an introvert, felt comfortable opening myself to others slowly. She made it a safe and non judgmental space.Bhavya, made it easy by sharing her experiences, imbalances in life, and bringing the human factor to life. That’s when I realised I had nothing to be ashamed of’’-Anonymous

  • What if I cannot attend a session?

‘’I could not attend 1 session and had to leave half way through another session as my young one was unwell. Bhavya, shared all the matter with me, and made sure I was up to speed with what I had missed’’ – Teressa

  • What will I take away from these sessions?

As explained to us in the first session,’’each one will learn and transform at their pace, but what’s important it will help you to start moving ahead towards a balanced and rewarding life’’. ‘’This was true as I took my time, and I am slowly getting where I wanted to be in my life. This is not a race, in my opinion.’’ – Rita

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