When there is a safe environment, that is free from judgement, views and opinions that do not serve you, you become motivated to make important decisions and changes that will ultimately provide the basis to propel your growth.

Coaching creates awareness which brings clarity and focus in making choices and decisions that contributes towards achieving your end goal.  We are naturally resourceful, creative and intelligent, but quite often our mindset and thoughts become confused and lack clarity.

A coaching relationship gives you the space to think freely and express yourself, it is a safe place where you are unconditionally listened to.  Your subconscious mind opens up to new awareness and clarity and focus takes form.

When you start changing your thoughts from negative to positive you will feel re-energised and experience freedom.  This new energy = E motion = energy in motion, this shift in energy is due to a shift in the practical transformation of your thought process.  Resulting in  clarity, focus, and positive thoughts that will energize and motivate you.  So you can create the dynamic life you say you want in order to live purposefully.

My Coaching Style Is For You If…

  • You are ready to make a change in your life and want to move from A to B, to create the new version of you 
  • You are ready to commit to decisions that you follow through 
  • You are ready to move towards your goals, dreams and vision with constructive and productive actions steps
  • You want to see yourself and the world around you with a new set of eyes
  • You are ready to awaken to new possibilities 
  • You want to feel energetic, zestful, powerful, positive and effective 

My Coaching Style Is Not For You If…

  • You do not value my time or yours
  • Are not truly interested to make change in your life
  • Are in ‘victim mentality’ mode 
  • If you are not willing to invest in yourself in terms of time or money 
  • You are closed off and not willing to discuss new ideas or concepts

‘Once you embark on your coaching journey, you will start to see and experience changes in your awareness, clarity and choices in all aspects of your life.’

My Coaching Process

  • First we assess where you currently are in your life
  • Then we look where you would like to get to – what you would like out of life
  • We evaluate the distance between where you are and where you want to be 
  • Then we work on your dreams, goals and visions – moving towards them in  a constructive and productive way
  • We work in manageable bite size steps
  • I hold you accountable towards the changes you commit to 
  • The work we do together makes you feel alive and enthusiastic 
  • I support you in breaking your commitments into manageable steps, towards the end goal
  • Coaching is a bit like a snake – sometimes we move forwards, sometimes we move backwards, sometimes we move sideways and then we will move forward again.  All resulting in optimum growth.
  • I help you to bring your values and purpose alive so you can create dynamically and live purposefully 
  • I will empower you with hints, tips, tools and skills so you can design, plan and rebuild your life with confidence – so you can be your own architect of change.

Your Job
To Be Committed …

  • To the coaching sessions
  • To live the life you want fully
  • To be responsible for your actions
  • Towards your weekly tasks
  • To the changes you decide to take
  • To the steps and actions you decide upon
  • To the new powerful productive and positive you

My Job
My Committment To You …

  • To create a safe environment for you to be you
  • To create a non judgmental, honest and open minded environment
  • To push and nudge you out of your comfort zone 
  • To stretch your potential beyond when you feel you cannot go any further
  • To be a good listener
  • To be honest and speak the truth, as and when required
  • To give constructive and productive feedback
  • To hold you responsible for the changes you decide upon
  • To help you to break down the changes you decide upon into manageable steps that work towards your goals


Great, then let’s have a chat and I will show you how I can help you move forward in life.

Before we start your coaching journey, it's very important to explore if we are a good fit.  Do we have that important coaching chemistry!

If what I have been saying on these pages speaks to you, if what I offer is what you are looking for - then book your free 30 min no obligation call with me NOW using the link below

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