30 Tips to Rejuvenate, Reenergise and Renew YOU!

30 Tips to Rejuvenate,Reenergise and Renew YOU!

RRRelax. Refresh. Renew. Play. Sing. Laugh. Enjoy. Forgive. Dance. Love. Hug. Share. Kiss. Create. Explore. Hope. Listen. Dare. Trust. Dream. Learn. TODAY!

-Steve Maraboli


It’s time to let bygones be bygones, release the need to constantly plan, break stressful patterns and habits, free ourselves from the mundane routines, and finally stop, pause, breathe and take a break to cooperate, rejuvenate, revitalize and restore the whole YOU – mind, body and spirit.


It’s time to shed the old skin, rest, and put new life into your mind and body. 


It’s time to move from being flustered, overwhelmed and stressed to feeling fulfilled by creating a life that matters to you. 

It’s time to move from burnouts, imbalances in your life and chaos to feeling balanced, yet having a thriving, rewarding and accomplished life.

We all need a complete disconnect from our exhausted selves and our chaotic lives. That’s the only way we can repair and renew our cells, so we can move forward confidently with fresh new energy, spirit, motivation and inspiration. 


You can see the world with a fresh new set of eyes.


Today, I would like to share how you can Regenerate,Refresh, Rekindle, Reorganise your whole self. In simple words, your MOT, a total OVERHAUL of yourself inside out! 


Below are a few ways to kick start your detox and self care journey, so you can again put some spark into your life….


  • Divide your time / day in a way that you have time for Self Care.
  • Make a Self Care daily routine chart to suit your needs. 
  • Self care rituals include exercising, meditating, reading, journaling, setting intentions, travel, adventure,orgainizing your day / life, prioritizing things….
  • Learn a new hobby or pursue your passion.
  • Take time out for your meals. Enjoy your meals, chew your food, don’t be in a hurry, and just swallow your food down. It will affect your digestive system.
  • No gadgets / Off social media rules. After a certain time in a day, get off all electronics.
  • Let go, declutter your home and office of things you don’t need.
  • Let go, declutter your life of relationships, events, situations causing you unnecessary stress and anxiety. It’s only went you let go things that don’t matter you make space for things that matter to you.
  • Have 5 things which you will never compromise on. These 5 things will keep you in balance.
  • Do a bit of journaling, write your feelings, how your day went, your aspirations and things you like to improve on. You can write it as a sentence, story, or simply words that resonate within you.
  • Meet your friends, say once a twice a week, go on an outing with them, or have a meal, or visit an art gallery.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Set boundaries and say NO to things that don’t matter. Drain your energy guilt free
  • Choose consciously what and who you want to bring into your life.
  • Take time out to design your life exactly the way you want it.
  • Set small targets, challenges for yourself, this will push you out of your comfort zone slowly and steadily. Your conference and resilience will increase
  • Stop justifying all your actions
  • Stop waiting for outside validation
  • There is nothing like mistakes, it’s all about only learning
  • Learn ways to shift your energies and gain new perspectives.
  • Have a good sleep schedule, routine before going to bed.
  • Have a day off one a week or fortnightly, when you do nothing,just sleep, eat, chill.
  • When you schedule your day, don’t make it jam packed, leave space to pause, breathe, and regain your energy.
  • Plan ahead so you are not rushing around 
  • Be outdoors, go for a stroll. Fresh air is calming, it gives you headspace, clarity.
  • Learn techniques to lower stress, anxiety and burn outs.
  • Take steps to create what you are longing for, so you are fulfilled 
  • Take a step back, breathe, take a birds eye view of your life, decide what you want, not what you should be doing.
  • Stop giving the whole coffee mug away, only give the overflow……means don’t give all your energy away to others, only give what is remaining after you have looked after yourself.
  • Take support from a friend, coach, therapist if you like to start your self care journey if you don’t know where or how to begin.

Self care doesn’t mean you are cut off from the world, your duties and life, in fact the opposite. Self care routine should be integrated into day-to-day living. A little bit daily goes a long way. It’s all about consistency, not how much you do once, BUT what you can do daily.

So, all easy …now it’s your turn to uproot, uplift and breathe life into your LIFE!


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