The Story from Now to Next

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney


Trapped?…Stagnant?…Just Settling For?

Just Surviving?…Limiting Beliefs?…Doubts?           

Life Seems To Be Going Nowhere?

We are shaped…Or might I say our lives are shaped and dominated by our thought process

We are Who we Believe we ARE!

We often stop ourselves and shorten our potential and growth  by deciding we can’t do something or are no good at doing things BEFORE we even start or begin

I call it the ‘’Beginning of the End!’’

In short, they are just a belief,making you feel – ’I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH ’’

They will ask and question you…

  • Who are you to change the balance?
  • Go with what you already know and are good at?
  • What if you fail?
  • It’s not in you to do this?
  • Why bother?
  • This is silly and not worth trying!
  • Perfect, really!
  • What will people think of you?
  • Are you smart enough?

In simple words, it’s a voice that stops you…

  • From changing and moving forward
  • From being fearless
  • From giving things ago
  • From living your purpose
  • From adhering to your values
  • From experiencing focus and clarity 
  • From having different perspectives and viewpoints on situations in your life
  • From having freedom
  • From living your life
  • From reaching your dream job and career
  • From meeting and spending time with your friends,family or a loved one
  • From pursuing your hobbies and passions 

These thoughts separate you from your true self 

They stop you from moving out from your comfort zone  

These damaging and sabotaging thoughts distance  us from achieving our goals,our dreams and living the life we really want and desire.

By acknowledging these unhealthy thoughts and mindset and boldly dealing with them full on rather than sweeping them under the rug will support you to enjoy a healthy mindset which will ultimately lead you to reaching your goals,visions and dreams confidently.

Start focussing on not just surviving but thriving through a balanced life 


Few steps and ways to Rewrite and  Rescript your life’s story…

  • Reconnect with your purpose in life:

Ask yourself what truly makes you happy and complete? What legacy would you like to leave behind? What impact would you like to have on others?Purpose is something you are living for, it’s your heartbeat, it’s something that makes you fulfilled.

  • Bring values to life: 

Values are your blueprint.They are embedded in your core.They define you. Write your top 5 or 10 values, and then notice which ones are more active or dormant in your life.Ask yourself how you could bring more of them into your daily life? What difference would that make in your day to day functioning and thinking?

  • Focus and clarity:

Once you start reviewing your purpose and values a lot of things start falling into place.Focus and clarity will start seeping into your life, questions like what direction you are moving in and why will be clearer.There will be clarity in decision making and choosing.

  • Perspectives: 

It’s all about looking at the same situation but from different angles and viewpoints. When one door shuts, open the other door.It’s like looking at events in your life with a new pair of glasses. Ask yourself how are you choosing to see your world? What energy do you want to bring into a situation where you feel stuckness – dullness or uplifting?This will help you to move forward or just stay put.

  • Emotions and thought process: 

Our emotions define how we feel and finally our actions and outcomes. Negative emotions tend to pull us down while happy emotions support us in moving ahead. So next time if things don’t go as per your plan or wishes rather than giving up and having unhealthy thoughts just take the learnings and experiences and alter your course of action.Rewrite your plan and journey. 

  • Reflect and reevaluate and release: 

Reflect on your past events,situations and people in your life. Let go of things,people and situations that bind you and stop you from flying.It’s only when you let go, you can have space, place and energy in your life for things that truly matter to you and what you enjoy doing. It can be from work to pursuing your hobbies.

  • Review and Release your habits and tendencies:

Review your likes,dislikes,wants and all your habits.Rather than focussing on what doesn’t work for you,start focussing on your strengths and make that your starting point.For example if you are constantly cleaning and scared of germs and it’s overtaking your life.Stop, ask yourself, this habit of mine , what is it costing me? Is it my time,energy or my emotional state? You will know the answer, so let go of this habit and maybe compromise by telling yourself, you will clean just once a day SO you will have more time to meet friends, pursue hobbies and peace of mind.

  • Practice daily and make it your mantra:

When you know your purpose,values,habit to keep or release, emotions to embrace or let go, start practising it. Make it your daily mantra. Continuous practice combined with patience is the key here.Don’t give up. There is no quick fix. You have to invest some time and effort into this. The mind is flexible,it can be tuned to sing your song your way, but practise is very important.This is a realistic way of moving ahead in your life. And change your mantra as and when you need to. Change your perspectives and habits. Nothing is set in stone, this is your life so live it the way you truly envision it.


Stepping out of your comfort zone  – the safe zone – is not something you do just for the sake of it, but because you are longing for something that’s out there.

It goes without saying that leaving your comfort zone is unlikely to be smooth sailing. you might experience setbacks,frustrations, however don’t let that stop you from trying.

Take the learnings and experiences and restructure and redefine what your version of success looks like.

What you gain on the way is perseverance, resilience and different perspectives

Who knows, what new innovative and creative ideas pop along the way as you change your course of action.

Adaptability  and Flexibility are the keywords here

Stop trying to be ‘’Perfect’’  or doing things ‘’Perfectly’’ are just an illusion and a personal perception of how each one looks at things and situations around them. 

One man’s perfect can be another man’s not so good!

Self Acceptance,Compassion and Self Care are very important

Just achieving goals,visions and materialistic things may and will not make you completely happy.

True happiness will come when you are the person who you really want to be.

Supporter,fighter,compassionate,explorer,visionary,inventor,creator,defender,protector,solver,seeker,dreamer, it doesn’t matter what  you want to call it…BUT be in touch and intune with who you are and want to be.

It’s a feeling of being home ,safe and confident.That’s when happiness will be felt inside out.

NOW,with this new found freedom of expression of thought, speech and action you can begin rewriting your life story – NOW TO NEXT

  •  Ask yourself if you had only one chance to make a movie about your life what would that be?.


  • If you could write your biography what impact would you want to create and have on your readers and yourself?

Our choices create our mindset and thought and behaviour patterns. So choose wisely, take your time, there is no rush and nothing to prove to anyone.

This is your life so make it matter for you!

SO, I ask you…

  • Are you ready to Reshape your thoughts,beliefs and Actions?
  • Are you ready to  Rewrite  the story of your life from NOW to NEXT?

I would love to be part of your great journey to do this.  Let’s have a chat and I will show you how I can help you move forward in life.

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