“Become who you are.”

Become who you are

”Become who you are.” —  Friedrich Nietzsche


As per an article I read ‘’Archetypes are universal, inborn models of people, behaviors, or personalities that play a role in influencing human behavior. They were introduced by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who suggested that these archetypes were archaic forms of innate human knowledge passed down from our ancestors.’’


In simple words,your innate nature is present within you from birth.

Quite often as we go through life our innate nature, our original being, the authentic us gets diluted.This is normal! 

We all go through life accumulating thoughts, ideologies and belief systems that we inherit from our family, society, friends, work, school, our own unique experiences. 

Over time, our Original belief blueprint’ or our inborn characteristics and nature  is no longer ours as we start seeing our life from others’s eyes, opinions and judgements.

It’s life! It’s called being Human!

However,in this blog, I like you all to start connecting and getting in touch with that inner nature you were born with and at the same time also get in touch with who you are now.

I am pretty sure you are asking yourself now…

‘’What’s in it for me in connecting to my archetype? What am I getting out of it? 

The one benefit which I strongly believe which has helped me is….

’I have felt grounded.Comfortable in my own self and being.I have regained clarity and focus of the direction I am going in and the why. This I hadn’t experienced for a while.

Being in touch with my innate nature, true self and your true characteristics, has enabled me to be where I am today. I feel confident in what I do, I don’t find a need to justify what I do.Freedom! 

Being a Transformational Coach the past few years, helps me fulfill my want and constant desire to live with curiosity,explore,experience and grow as a person as well as in my work. At the same time be an Architect of Change and support others’

If I had to summarise all the above  ‘’I have started to feel Complete’’

 Normally, it is said that we can only have one archetype, however I personally feel   [ and that’s my own personal view and take on this subject] at times we could have two, either complimenting each other or one being a bit more dominant than its counterpart.

Through my own journey, and of those around me, I have given focus to few archetypes which I personally feel many or most of us can relate to,however with a twist.

Archetypes through the eyes of a transformational coach

My personal views and interpretations on a few…


 – One who wants to ‘’Kick’’ out their inner bully, critic, emotional blockages,fears and self defeating thoughts.

– One who will carry on and not give up even if things don’t go as per plan. 


– One who wants to ‘’Discover or Rediscover’’ their values and purpose in life.Understanding.

– One who wants to embrace and practise ‘’Self care and Self belief’’ to create mind and body wellness and support others too. Humanitarian.


– One who wants to take the ‘’Leap of Faith’’ now, to reach their desired goals and dreams, in order to thrive and not just survive.

– One who is not scared to ask for help when they need it the most


– One who wants to ‘’Journey’’ through life with curiosity to discover and experience new exciting places, things, passions, cultures, and more. Expansion and Opportunity are the key.

– One who wants to explore the true meaning of feeling alive. Freedom.


– One who has a ‘’Burning’’ desire to turn a plan into reality

– One who wants to create something from nothing.


– One who sees ‘’Beauty’’ in everything and everyone.

– One who sees the word through the eyes of an artist.Imaginative.


– One who is ‘’Wise’’ and sees what others cannot.Connect with the universe.

– One who learns and encourages learning through experiences in life.Inner strength.


– One who is ‘’Independent’’. Success is their mantra.Money.Self Reliant.

– One who works for himself and has a large following.Power.Charismatic.


Now,the next question here is ‘’How do I connect with the true me?’’


Below are a few simple ways which have worked for me,some friends and clients to kickstart your journey…

-Connect with your purpose in life.Whats makes you fulfilled? What’s the essence of your life?

-Be attentive to any strong or intense emotions arising and brewing in you?

-List your top 10 values. Notice which you are leaning more towards or Not? And why?

-What are your passions? The things you would love to do but never have time for.

-What impact would you like to have on others?

-What experience in life makes you feel alive?

-If you had to live for a month in the Amazon Rainforest,what would you never leave the house without? – in terms of non materialistic possessions

-If you were stuck in a tricky situation either physically or emotionally, which version of you would be more dominant?


Now, these are just a few of many I personally work with. 

– Observe which ones from the list above you can connect more with.

– Once you have connected, dig deep, imagine what it would be like embracing and embodying different emotions,energies, roles and situations. 

– Don’t forget to observe what’s happening in your body too. Our body tells us a lot.

– Notice which version of yourself comes up the most and delve a bit deeper.


This is a simple and easy way to start the process on your own to connect and discover your innate nature and true self.

Of course, this takes time, energy, patience and  commitment on your part.

Remember, nothing of worth comes easy, but it’s not impossible.


The adventurer and explorer in me  would love to be part of your great journey to do this. 

If what I am saying speaks to you , then let’s have a chat and I will show you how I can help you connect to your true self, untapped strenghts so you can move forward confidently and feel complete.

Before we start your coaching journey, it’s very important to explore if we are a good fit.  Do we have that important coaching chemistry?

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