[The real name of my client is concealed for confidential reasons]

There will be moments in your life when you will have to choose between…

 ‘’Do I have to do this?’’ OR  ‘’What do I want?

When Ella met me for the first time, she had a ‘’perfect’’ life, an envious job, a dream home, a loving husband, a happy-go-lucky child, supportive friends, and family. Of course, let’s not forget the parrot and guinea pigs!

In spite of having a good balance between health, wealth, well-being, and a social life Ella over time found herself feeling lonely, lost, and alone. The more she just moved on, masked her feelings, she found herself falling into a dip slowly and gently. ‘’A dark cold hole’’ she called it when she came to me for the first time, she felt ‘’exhausted and fatigued’’.

She wanted to change not just for herself but also wanted to set a good example and be a role model for her son who was 4 yrs old. She wanted her son to experience the benefits of having options, unlike how she felt.

The urgency to replace being overstressed and living up to everyone’s expectations, with living her life her way meant a lot to her.

Through the work we did over 3 months, let me reinstate some hard work, Ella finally started to have a relaxed and relieved smile. There was freedom in her laughter.

Through the coaching sessions we had together, rekindling and gaining clarity over her purpose and values, plus the small targets we cocreated for her to start practicing, incorporating a few coping skills into day to day life and me holding her accountable for her actions she started to recognize that there is no right or wrong way, she had nothing to prove to anyone, it was all a learning process and she had the ability to choose what mattered to her.

This was her breakthrough in her success story, for she felt fulfilled, motivated and stable within herself. She left her job and started her own law business as flexibility was the key to her feeling calm while living and leading an exciting and accomplished life.

If this is how you feel, just remember that like Ella, you can choose what’s best for you. You have a choice, so choose consciously!

Kind Regards


Exe.Life & Growth Coach