Choice – The Power is in You!

Choice - The Power is in You!

“It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off. You cannot make progress without making decisions.” —Jim Rohn


Life is made up of numerous choices. Options from what we will wear today to how we want to use our energy, so many alternatives. Consciously or subconsciously in 24 hours, we are deciding upon so many things, big or small. Some decisions we make even without giving much thought to while others we need time to ponder over and evaluate.At times even choosing and deciding on options can become a chore!


We choose, we make decisions mainly – to move forward – to get desired outcomes  -to make dreams come true – to have direction and clarity.


At times, certain decisions are more difficult to make than others. Occasionally decisions are made for us. Sometimes we may have to say No firmly to certain options, even if we don’t want to. Some alternatives can be more emotionally draining than others, while some can and could change your life for ever. There is nothing like a good or bad selection. If it feels right at that moment then go with it.


No matter what the matter, be courageous, confront your choices and choose the best you can.


Often living in fear of making the wrong selection, can hold you back from opening doors to possibilities and new opportunities. Don’t hold yourself back. Carefully consider your options, evaluate the pros and cons before you move forward.


It’s your life, live on your terms and beliefs, learn at your pace and live the life you want – you have nothing to prove to anyone


Remember, to advance,flourish and grow the key ingredient is motion – movement! Some results may not be what you hoped for, however, you will gain resilience, strength, adaptability and buoyancy on the way.These are the  main ingredients to have a solid foundation for you to be able to make your dreams,visions and goals come true. 


So why stay in a surviving mode, when you can thrive and have a rewarding life.


Choice gives you freedom. It’s freedom of speech, thoughts, expression. If you want to transform your life, considerate decision-making will enable you to gain new perspectives, the courage to face and break habits that are holding you back. You will be motivated to stick to the changes you commit to for your success. 


Choosing to make some decision, even if you are not 100% sure about it, is better than making no decisions in your life. You experience and learn from your results, and you can choose again which path you want to tread on. At least there is movement!


You are more efficient and effective than you think and have more preferences than what you are aware of. When you decide upon a choice, you are taking and seizing life by the throat. It’s your right, your power and no one can take that away from you.


Just a few of the many things you can consider and reflect on while making a decision..


  • Make a list of what’s good and not good about your choice
  • Listen to your intuitive side – your gut feeling
  • What impact will it have on you and others? 
  • Are you in tune and aligned with your values and purpose?
  • Face and overcome self-sabotaging emotions
  • Get a neutral brainstorming partner
  • Get the logical and creative side of the brain to work
  • Imagine for a moment the decision is made. Now, how does it make you feel?
  • Don’t await others validation 
  • Ask yourself if you are making that selection for the right reasons


We live in a world with infinite opportunities, so please don’t live small, get up and utilise the power you have in you to make choices that are right for you at that moment in time.

Thank you for reading this. I am enthusiastic and committed to supporting people to be more confident and positive in life.

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Bit about me…

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