Dealing With Anxiety

Bhavya from Forward Focus London looks at ways on how to deal with anxiety. How are you dealing with Anxiety?

Anxiety: 5 ways to cope better with your anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems in the UK. A 2013 study found 8.2 million confirmed cases nationwide. Anxiety can be debilitating, but it can be managed so that those affected can enjoy life again.

Don’t suffer from anxiety alone

1. Get the confusion out of your head

A common symptom of anxiety is a busy mind filled with fear and worry about the future. Such jumbled thoughts can feel overwhelming — like being stuck in a never-ending carousel. Instead of letting these ideas dominate, put them all on paper. Clear your mind effectively. Once you have put all the thoughts that are bothering you on paper, your mind will become calm and you can regain control.

2. Deal in facts – Don’t presume

Once you have your thoughts on paper, think about which are facts and which are assumptions. Fears lead us to create “stories” of possibilities in our minds, based on the assumption that one way or another “will happen.” They can then easily escalate to the “worst case” for that particular problem. For example, the idea of ​​”I might be out of a job” is different from the idea of ​​”I was told I would be out of a job.” Likewise, ask yourself what thoughts like “I suck at this job” are based on. Unless your line manager asks you to improve your performance, you are likely to make the wrong assumptions. Negative assumptions fuel fear.

3. Use affirmations

With a clear head and knowing which ideas are scary assumptions and which are actually true, you can start solving real problems. Fear absorbs confidence better than any hoover, so positives definitely help with the rebuilding process. It’s important to choose the right one. If your anxiety stems from worrying about test scores, then affirmations like “I’ll get a 100% on this test” won’t help. Instead, affirmations like “I will study hard and do my best” are more effective.

4. Meditation for dealing with anxiety

Our life is getting faster and faster. The time it takes to simply pause and reflect on the day is rapidly diminishing. With the advent of social media, we feel unable to “turn off” – we are reluctant to disconnect from social media for more than 10 minutes. Ultimately, our brains don’t have time to process the tens of thousands of inputs that come in every day. Meditation is a great way to focus on the present moment and calm your thoughts and fears. By spending 10 minutes meditating, you can clear your mind and reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety. If you use your phone wisely, you can download many free apps that include guided meditation, meditation music or meditation practice. Local meditation classes and mindfulness centers pop up in the city on a regular basis. Search online for one in your area and put a non-negotiable appointment on your calendar that you may wish to attend with a friend.

5. Consider professional support for anxiety

Coaching with Forward Focus London can be a very effective tool in managing and overcoming anxiety. Providing an opportunity to examine the root of your fears and worries, coaching can be a liberating experience for sufferers. Coaches can also help with practical coping techniques to deal with panic attacks.

Understanding the root of your anxiety and what triggers panic attacks can make you better prepared to take on the challenges we all face in life.

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