Embrace the cold with these winter fitness opportunities

Embrace the cold with these winter fitness opportunities

Guest Blog Written By – Kovacs Alexandra from Mindly Body

Winter Fitness,
Winter Fitness

Some of us may find it hard to stay motivated to train during the cold days. We would rather stay warm under the cover in our pyjamas while drinking a mug of hot chocolate. The wet, dark days can make it a bit more challenging to get out for a run. 

Even winter gives us many excuses to miss a workout, exercise is essential! It aids relaxation, bone, muscles, heart, and skin health. It also helps sleep quality and increases energy levels. Strengthening the immune system can get us through the chili days without having to deal with a cold or a flu. Furthermore, you can find many fun ways to stay active during the cold months. This would be a good opportunity for a family day out or learning a new sport out of many choices that I stated below! All you need is warm clothing, and you are ready to rock! 

  1. Indoor Skiing

If a ski trip to France or Austria does not fit into your budget try London’s Indoor Snow Slope (https://www.thesnowcentre.com/) . It is suitable for beginners, Pros and children. You will be safe and have so much fun! They also offer lessons so you can hit the slope with confidence. For those children (from age 4) who would rather just slide and laugh, is a Ringo Slide opportunity too. 

  • Ice Skating
Winter Wonderland

Ready for the festive sports favourite?  Skate to live music on the Winter Wonderland ice rinks! There are many around the UK, here is a list for you (visitlondon.com/things-to-do/whats-on/christmas/best-ice-skating-rinks-in-london). However one of my favourite is Winter Wonderland 2022 in Hyde Park which starts on the 18th November to the 2nd of January. Together with the ice rink, there are many other activities taking place like Circus, Santaland and Ice Slide! Is a great day out!

  • Ice Hockey
Ice Hockey

It’s a fun and a challenging sport. But if you like trying new things put this on your list even if just practicing few shots into the goal! If you fall in love with this sport there are many Ice Hockey clubs around the UK  https://www.national-ice-centre.com/ice-hockey-lessons/ . If you are new to this sport, they will first teach you the basic  Skate Hockey techniques. And another great news is that no previous skating experience is required to start.

  • Curling

Fenton’s Rink Tunbridge Wells in Kent is the first and only curling ice rink in this country(UK). This Olympic sport is so much fun, and beginners can quickly learn it and have a great time. It is also great for Christmas parties, families, sport lovers and those who are ready for the bowls on ice!!( https://www.visitkent.co.uk/attractions/fentons-rink-2056/)

  • Hiking, walking

I brought you the cheapest, most relaxing winter sport / all year round sport. Just choose a simple trail, put your boots on and you are ready to hike. The UK is very famous of many mountains and hiking places like Snowdon, Gwynedd, Pen y Ghent, Yorkshire, Mam Tor, Derbyshire and lots of others. But I am sure you find one close to your home too!

Winter Fitness

if you have questions regarding winter fitness feel free to contact Mindly Body, and if your body wants to exercise but your mind is stopping you from doing the same feel free to contact who can support in shifting your mindset, so you can enjoy and reap the benefits of physical fitness, especially during cold, dull winter months.