Let’s Spring Clean ”What” Holds You Back!

Let's Spring Clean

The life which is not on your own terms and beliefs is a life that leaves  you exhaustingly breathless – stuck!”-bhavya


The longing to fill the gaps in my life overtook all my ”IFs”

 In my previous life I was a Pleaser to all, A continuous Doer and Gogetter, and was held back by certain emotions

In short, I was Visibly – INVISIBLE to myself!

Fear,Anger,Aniexty,Sress,Burnouts,Sadness, Procrastinating,Self Crictising consciously or unconsciously began to gingerly creep into my life and it started to create an emotional imbalance.

The crevices in my life were getting bigger with time

Self Sabotaging beliefs and Just Avoidance habits became by friends

I felt helpless! I felt trapped! I wasn’t in control of my emotions or myself!

We as humans are naturally intelligent, but quite often our emotions,thoughts and feelings become confused and lack clarity.

We begin to get in our own way – Stuck!

Reaching our maximum potential, higher emotional intelligence, increased self-esteem and self-confidence, having Me time, time with loved ones, and emotional & physical wellness starts to become a distant dream.

 Hope and Faith in ourselves starts to disintegrate gradually!

We start settling in certain aspects of our life!

However, don’t be hard on yourself, it’s life and you are human!  

Show compassion towards yourself. Be gentle towards you!

You can Change your beliefs, you can Change your thoughts, you can Change your behaviour patterns,you can fill the gaps in your life,you can Change your life and you too can have a smoother,fun, exciting ride through life while staying balanced.

However, this urge, this longing to shift your thoughts, this craving to have a life of your dreams and vision has to outnumber all the ifs.buts and doubts you have.


You too can turn the keys and open your doors to…

🔑   MORE clarity, focus and awareness

🔑   MORE time to pursue passions 

🔑  MORE improved relationships and communication skills

🔑  MORE  confidence and  self awareness

🔑  MORE productivity and performance 

🔑  MORE opportunities by tapping into our unknown potential

So, you can finally experience…

✅  LESS of stress, anxiety and burnout

✅  LESS of being disorganised

✅  LESS overwhelmed 

✅  LESS of procrastinating

✅  LESS of inner critic voice

✅  LESS of being a doormat 

Sounds good ! Yes! Great! 

So,start turning things around for you so you can have numerous opportunities and greater possibilities for your growth.

From my own personal journey,experiences and transformation process, to get unstuck of feelings,ideologies and beliefs that don’t serve you requires commitment,conscious effort and continuous practise.

Don’t want to do it alone or don’t know how or where to begin, I completely understand, we all need support. I sure did take it or rather I say I grabbed ”support” when I was in the pit!

No shame in taking help – Only Respect for the Courageous Me! 

If you can relate to what I am saying, if are feeling how I had felt , if you are in a similar situtaion like I was in , let’s have a chat where I can show you ways to move forward.


‘’When there is a safe environment, that is free from judgement, views and opinions that do not serve you, you become motivated to make important decisions and changes that will ultimately provide the basis to propel your growth’’-Bhavya