Mum’s Pistachio + Rose Vegan Dessert

Mum's Pistachio + Rose Vegan Dessert

From the Kitchen Pantry:

200 gms Pistachios plain

100  gms Almond plain

75 gms Brown Sugar [adjust as per taste]

Pinch of Saffron, Cardamon, Nutmeg

60 ml Water

Hand full of Edible Rose Petals


-Take pistachio, almond, saffron,cardamon,nutmeg and coarsely grind them.Do not over grind them or it will release oils and it can get buttery.

-In a non stick pan put the water and add the sugar, once the sugar melts add the mixture from the grinder.

-Non stop stir it, till it mixes well and gets fudge like.

-Then, get it off the gas /stove and put it in a bowl or plate.

-Final touch, decorate with rose petals.

-Wait for it to cool down a bit to avoid burning your mouth.

I love having it with a cup on Chai Tea or Earl Grey Tea