Step out of your comfort Zone, this 2023!

comfort zone

Step out of your comfort zone! It cab help you build your creativity, focus on your self-confidence, and learn more about yourself. You may also find that stepping outside your comfort zone enables you to grow and reach new goals.

Do something that scares you every day 🙌

When Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do something that scares you every day,” she wasn’t talking about watching the latest crime film on Netflix. She was talking about stepping outside your comfort zone. The cosy routines most of us live our daily lives in keep stress and risk to a minimum. This New Year, why not try to do something different every day?

Here are five ways to step out of your comfort zone:

1. Do one thing you’ve always wanted to

Challenge yourself by picking one thing you’ve always wanted to do and doing it. This can be anything from learning how to play the guitar to learning a new dance or taking a trip around the world.

2. Take on a fitness challenge

Studies show that regular exercise decreases the effects of stress on the body, lowering anxiety levels. This makes it easier for you to try things outside your comfort zone, as one of the barriers to stepping outside of it is the feeling of anxiety that it triggers.

3. Change up your routine 

Shaking up your routine with some spontaneity is one way to get out of that rut. For example, say you’re working remotely from the comfort of your home office every day. Change up your routine and try working from a cafe or a different place in your home a few times a week.

4. Learn New Skills

One way to leave your comfort zone is to learn new skills that give you a competitive advantage and make you more employable. Use your organization’s learning and development resources to upskill yourself with in-demand skills in your industry.

5. Face your fears

Choose one fear that’s currently holding you back and confront it. You can start with something small. For example if you are scared to be in a group environment, maybe sign up for a local sports team

A quote for 2023

“It was the first of January, and a terrible fall of snow was pelting down and whirling through the streets and lanes. The roofs of the houses were covered with large white masses, and it lay in white heaps on the window sills.
Everybody seemed to be in a great hurry; they ran, jostled against each other, fell into each other’s arms, holding fast for a moment, as long as they could stand safely. Coaches and horses looked as if they had been frosted with sugar. The footmen stood with their backs against the carriages, so as to turn their faces from the wind. Everybody looked cold, and everybody was cold. But at last the storm abated, and a narrow path was soon swept clean in front of the houses, and when two persons met in this path both would stand still, for neither liked to step aside in the deep snow. There they would stand for a few minutes, and then, as if by tacit consent, they each sacrificed a leg and buried it in the deep snow, and passed on
Soon troops of children were seen to issue from the door-ways, all muffled up in warm cloaks and furs, dragging their sleds after them, and so [18] joyous and happy it made one feel warm to look at them. Towards evening the wind ceased to blow, the sky looked so lofty and transparent, while the stars shone with new brightness and purity.”