Swap your self sabotaging mindset

Swap your self sabotaging mindset

’Breaking stubborn patterns, letting go of old habits, and overcoming the idea of just surviving and giving up monotonous routines that don’t help and support our growth and enhancement, enables us finally to move Forward with Focus and Clarity’’ Bhavya Arora


Self Sabotaging thoughts, Inner Critic, Inner Bully, Negative thoughts, Self-doubting thoughts, it doesn’t matter by which name you call them…

They are just a belief -’’ I am not good enough’ 

These annoying voices and thoughts will question you ‘’Who are you to change the balance?’’ or ‘’Go with what you already know and are good at?’’

In short, it’s a voice that stops you from changing and moving forward. This mindset separates you from your true self.

Unfortunately, we program our mind with these thoughts & beliefs to an extent we believe, that’s who we are. That’s our identity!!!!  We embody these thoughts, they become our second skin!

If we carry on living in this way, I question myself …

‘’How are we ever going to experience freedom and expand to our maximum potential?’’

So, what’s important here is to understand and educate ourselves on how we can break such a mindset, how do we break this  vicious cycle of thoughts, and finally how do we find our inner strengths

Change in our thought process changes our behavioral patterns, ultimately changes our outcomes. It changes the way and how we look at life as a whole.

The adaptability and flexibility of our mindset is curiously expansive

However, first, we need to understand something…

We all go through life accumulating thoughts, ideologies, and belief systems that we inherit from our family, society, friends, work, school, and our own unique experiences. 

Over time our ’belief blueprint’ is no longer ours as we start seeing our life from other’s eyes, opinions, and judgments. We experience life through self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, fears, and saboteurs.  

The Good News is – we can change our belief blueprint.  

However, we need to understand that rewriting and change is a process…

There is no Quick Fix!

By swapping fear, negative thoughts, procrastinating thoughts, and beliefs for Confidence, Courage, Control and Calmness, it finally results in…

  • Day-to-day life becoming smoother and more manageable
  • Bringing balance, awareness, motivation, and fun back into your life 

So, are you ready to open the doors of your mind to enjoy the benefits of…

  • MORE clarity, focus, and awareness
  • MORE time to pursue passions and motivation
  • MORE improved relationships and communication skills
  • MORE emotional security and authentic self-awareness
  • MORE productivity and performance 
  • MORE opportunities by tapping into our unknown potential

And simultaneously, bring into your life …

  • LESS of stress, anxiety, and burnout
  • LESS of being disorganized
  • LESS overwhelmed and full of doubt
  • LESS of procrastinating
  • LESS of negative thoughts and inner critic voice
  • LESS of being a doormat and pleaser to all

The urgency in the Want for you to Change your thought process must outnumber the fears, doubts, ifs, and buts!  

It doesn’t matter which part of your life or version of you or which aspect of your mindset you want to change, the motivation has to come from you. 

This must become the essence of your very existence! 


Below are a few ways which can help and guide you to start changing a mindset that doesn’t support you, in simple words ‘’A mindset that leaves you exhaustingly breathless – Stuck’:


  • Notice and boldly face  the limiting belief:

Do not push it to the back of your mind or under the rug or stick it in the closet or attic.

Tucking or hiding emotions is just like a volcano waiting to erupt!


  • Take a Drone’s view and ask yourself:

‘’What am I losing out on ?’’ or  What am I missing out on?’’ by living in that fear and belief that ‘’ I am just not good enough’’


  • Connect to your Values and Purpose in Life:

Ask yourself, which are your main values without which you will never leave the house. Notice which ones your honoring more of or not.

Connect and rediscover your purpose in life. The purpose is the very essence of your life, things that make you feel alive and complete.


  • Reflect, Reevaluate, and Let go:

Spend some time pondering and reflecting on people, emotions, situations that are in your life. And then release things that don’t resonate with you.

Let go of things that pull you down in life. It’s your life so make it matter for you!


  • Shift your Perspectives:

Perspectives are all about viewing and looking at the same situation however in different ways, with different energies and emotions.

So next time, if you feel stuck, and it’s pulling you down into a black hole, then think of something you love doing or anything that puts a smile on your face and brings with it new energy- uplifting emotions.

Finally, revisit the stuck situation with a fresh set of eyes.


  • Power of Visualization: 

Imagine yourself 2 years from now, how would you like to feel and be? Where would you like to be in your life?

Once, you can see that, start working backward – What steps or actions can you take to reach the New You!


  • Power in the word ‘’Choice:

Being able to choose keeps you constantly empowered. You have the power to say Yes to things that serve you. You have the power to say No guilt-free.

So think about what you are choosing and bringing into your life for your own peace and growth.


As I continuously point out…

”The power to succeed and overcome hurdles of life must come from within, then that power – it’s yours for life’


SO NOW, I ask you…

  • Are you ready to take Mindful action for a Mindset transformation?
  • Do you want to thrive in various aspects of your life?

Great, then the curious explorer in me would love to have a chat where I can show you ways to move forward.

If what I have been saying on this page speaks to you – then book your free 30 min no-obligation call with me NOW using the link below