What are ‘’The New Year Resolutions’’?

The New Year Resolutions

They are goals which people set at the beginning of each year and strive to achieve them. They can be from health to career, basically covering every and any aspect of your life – Optimism at its best!

New Year’s Resolutions tell people what they should be doing rather than What they really Want. Most of the times it is feeding into other’s expectations or what they would want us to do,

Start losing weight? Stop smoking? Start exercising? Be healthy? Have a good work / life balance? Be less on your gadgets? Stop yelling at kids? Be more positive? And the list goes on…….

Personally, for me they don’t work, I will tell you – Why? 

It causes a guilt in my mind  if I don’t achieve my goals:

Rather than measure how many steps I have taken towards my goal. I only focus on the result. Will I achieve it or not!

I miss the Being:

Rather than Understanding the journey and savouring the experiences it has brought to me. I am so busy Doing that I miss Being!


I get such a single-minded outlook, that I feel I am wearing blinkers which are preventing me from growing, expanding and stretching my potential.

Stop – Breathe – Think – What do I Truly Want? 

Get a clarity of your Life purpose and Values. What really matters? The feeling must resonant from within you that’s when the true self-motivation and discipline will kick in.  That’s when you will empower yourself with positivity and confidence to move ahead.

If I want to make a change, I start the day I feel something churning in my gut. A feeling that something needs to change – Transform

So, if you want to make a change …WHY wait for 31st December midnight?  

Do It NOW!