The Quantum Leap Formula

A simple yet powerful formula, a program created over a 3 month period consisting of 3 simple steps helping you to achieve the success you desire

Helping professional men and women, independent business owners and coaches advance in their careers & improve their personal growth skills with our the 3 month Quantum Leap Formula.

In this bespoke program, we offer 1:1 coaching, establish your wants and needs,to help you find personal time and freedom.

The foundation blocks of Forward Focus London are commitment to your success, dedicated ongoing support and respecting your values and beliefs.

Here is Adele’s story of when she was fearful and procrastinated and how I helped her to achieve confidence and take that leap to her success by her taking up a new job, through my Quantum Leap Formula program

You’re feel excited when you’re engaged, challenged and motivated. However, you also want time to:

> Make memories with your loved ones

> Dote on your children

> Have a good time with friends

> Build healthier habits so you’re more resilient

> Deal with emotions that are holding you back

> Pursue your hobbies and interests

> Make Time for self care

> Have a healthy work life balance, While enjoying career path

You are not just living, you feel alive finally!

why bhavya?

As a qualified professional certified coach, I work exclusively with ambitious professionals and business owners, entrepreneurs and fellow coaches .

I help my clients discover what’s missing, why they feel stuck, why is their dream so distant, what’s getting in their way, and how to get moving. We dig deep into what’s going on, and open you up to new awareness and fresh possibilities. I’m passionate about helping you gain true clarity on your next steps and direction.This matters to me.

I know how it Feels to be in a headspace which is slowing you down and clouding your clarity, I have Felt the same, and what I Found is a formula to my success and I want to show you how to do the same.

Bhavya Arora Dynamically Cross Your Bridge

You are unique and this program is designed for you and your wants and needs


3 month program with 3 simple steps LEAPING TO SUCCESS

We begin with a complimentary 30-minute chat to discuss your needs and establish we are a good fit for each other

Our 3-month coaching partnership includes 8 sessions spanning 12 weeks.

Sessions are mainly online or in person if possible

1st Step: Getting Started on your Journey x 1.5 hours
We will clarify your goals, set achievable targets for your final vision. We’ll co-create your personalised coaching plan with priorities in a simple structure. At the end of the first step you will have a clear map of your direction from start to finish for your plan.

2nd Step: Deep Dive – 5 x 1 hour sessions
We will be working on overcoming your challenges, shift limiting beliefs and self doubt, a mindset transformation process. Helping you to achieve more from your comfort zone. In these sessions we will be covering new skills,new thought patterns, new techniques,new resources and a new way of thinking.Positioning you with better energy, confidence and the ability to excel with your goals.

3rd Step: Ready to leap forward to success X 1.5 hours
We will summarise what you’ve learnt, celebrate how far you’ve come, and support you in creating your road map, a blueprint of the next stage for you.

Great News, we want to reward and acknowledge your success and have added an ADDITIONAL BONUS Gift for you :

1-hour, follow-up session at the end of our 4th month, to review your progress and address any queries you might have

PLUS, THERE IS MORE included on your journey with us…

● 4 x 15 minutes spot coaching on request ● We’ll agree on actions you’ll take in between each and every session, and how I can help you stay accountable. ● You’ll have all the tools you need to achieve your goals. ● You’ll also have unlimited email & WhatsApp support! ● You will have access to my VIP educational club in The Vault. ● You will also have access to meditation techniques if you want. ● You will also have access to different journaling methods if you want. 3-month Quantum Leap Success Formula: Total 10 hours [ 8 hrs coaching + 1 hour follow up + 4 x 15mins spot coaching] Investment: on request

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