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‘’Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts’’

Winston S. Churchill

The dictionary meaning of Resilience is ‘’ the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness’’ and Confidence is ‘’ the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something’’

Resilience and Confidence go hand in hand. 

Your capability and capacity to recover from setbacks gives you resilience – strength to move forward. This new strength creates faith and belief in yourself that you can do it, confidence. This is a continuous cycle which ultimately promotes your growth so you can reach your maximum potential and flourish.

However, often we stop even before we embark on our journey.

The road to unleashing the hidden Resilient and Confident you begins with you taking your first step, a baby step out of your comfort zone, the zone with it’s low prospects, low opportunities, however a safe and barely surviving zone.

You step out of the comfort zone, not merely for fun, but because there is something out there you are longing for

However, stepping out of your safe area can be daunting and fearful, but don’t let that stop you from trying and pursuing.

It’s normal to doubt your decisions and yourself, when you step outside the known and familiar surroundings to an unknown area. Low confidence, running away, avoiding situations and making excuses is part of the entire journey. Often we can dive into a pleaser mode or let our judgement and choices be clouded by other’s opinions. The trick here is rather than retreat into your shell / safe zone, face the fear straight up. Notice what’s happening to you and in you when you are overcast by self-sabotaging thoughts and habits. And, ask yourself what you are losing out on? If you don’t like the answer, it’s time to get up, face and notice the fear, and still continue moving forward.

Get new perspectives, shift your energies, and begin to create a new positive mindset.

Once fear slowly stops controlling you, you will have the strength to face challenges and obstacles you encounter. Every situation which used to be fearful will now be viewed as learning. Your ability to solve problems and sort out tricky situations will come to life. New skills and talents will be born, while old ones will also resurface.

You will experience, learn, you may need to tweak your plans as you move forward, and at times also you may need to go two steps back, but that will no longer stop you from reaching your desired result, goal, dream and vision.

There is nothing like failure or mistakes, it’s all about learning and adapting

You have stepped out from your comfort area, moved into the fearful area, and transiting slowly yet steadily into the learning and adapting zone. Finally, it’s growth time.It is all about fulfilling your visions and dreams, setting new targets and goals for yourself. It’s also having clarity and focus in the direction you are going, and why by rediscovering your purpose and values. It’s about going that inch further, that extra mile to get you the desired results. This is time for expansion, reaching your maximum potential. 

You are not just living, you are living the life you want! You feel fulfilled and accomplished while staying balanced and grounded in your life. 

Life has a new meaning for you. You are no longer simply keeping up appearances, hiding or running, and missing out on the important things in your life. You feel energised, inspired, motivated. 

You are confident to take up new challenges and have the resilience to withstand storms. You are finally opening your doors to new possibilities.

My own life had its share of challenges, dips, mistakes and significant learnings. What I realised was that it was in my hands how bumpy I wanted my journey through life to be. I have the power to choose, and finally I started choosing consciously. 

I have no regrets whatsoever, and Nor should you! So, bring back the balance into your life and keep the Umami. A balanced, yet rewarding, and successful life.


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