Justine’s Journey in Overcoming Procrastination – Case Study

Overcoming Procrastination

‘’Overcoming procrastination changed everything for me. With Bhavya’s help, I learned to tackle tasks head-on and manage my time better. If you’re struggling, know that there’s hope.’’ – Justine

(The real name of my client is not disclosed due to confidentiality reasons)

Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is a common challenge that many people face, often hindering productivity and causing stress. In this case study, we’ll explore Emily’s experience with procrastination, her struggles, and the steps she took to overcome it.

A Brief Background:

Justine, a 43 -year-old lawyer, had been grappling with procrastination for years. In our first session, I realised how frustrated she felt and often misread as lazy or slow in working. Despite her best efforts, she found herself putting off important tasks until the last minute, leading to stress and low quality work. This affected her overall well-being, her career growth was slowed  and her self-esteem. At one point she thought she would be ‘’sacked’’. She mentioned ‘’I am hopeless and helpless’’ several times when we first met.

Challenges Faced by Justine:

Her procrastination showed up not just in missing project deadlines, but also in her personal life. She’d delay tasks there too, feeling overwhelmed by everything she had to do. Breaking free from this cycle of procrastination was tough, and it made her feel frustrated and disappointed in herself.

Overcoming Procrastination

Justine’s Defining Moment:

Recognizing how procrastination was affecting her life, Justine decided to take action, after being persuaded by her friend at work, who had benefited from our coaching sessions. Together we dug into the reasons behind her procrastination – fear of failure! This new awareness of the WHY gave Justine the clarity she was lacking, and that’s when she realised the power to change was also in her hands. This was her key moment, her pivotal turning point. 


As time passed, Justine saw remarkable progress in her ability to handle procrastination. With her new coping strategies and adhering to efficient time management techniques, she tackled tasks more smoothly and met deadlines with ease. Feeling more in control and accomplished, her confidence soared, driving her to keep pushing forward and achieving even more, even when faced with adverse situations.

Overcoming Procrastination

Does Justine’s struggle with procrastination sound familiar? Are you finding yourself in a similar situation, wanting to reduce procrastination and increase your productivity? Justine’s journey shows that it’s possible to make meaningful changes and achieve your goals. By breaking tasks into manageable pieces, setting structured routines, minimizing distractions, and seeking support, you too can overcome procrastination and create a more productive, fulfilling life. Take the first step today, just like Justine did, and see the difference it can make.

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