What My Clients Say

‘’Bhavya’s approach is direct yet effective, which enabled me to achieve my goals at my own pace. In my experience, coaching is not therapy as it empowered me to reset my course of action as I saw fit. My sessions helped me to observe more clearly, which instilled confidence in my decisions’’


‘’‘I had the pleasure of working with Bhavya for some time now. I have fondly named her the magician; she has guided me through a very difficult period of my life and provides me with an inner calm to resolve and pull through. Bhavya does not direct but gently guides, with every negative she manages to help you discover a positive. I remember watching a film whereby the woman was asked “if there was a fire what would you rush to take”, my response would be family of course but also to include Bhavya. There are things in life you can live without and others you prefer not to.’’


‘’Before I met Bhavya @ forwardfocuslondon, I was career driven, not very visionary, hard worker, still not as productive as I would like. I felt frustrated, as I thought I was working way too much for the results I was getting. Self limiting beliefs that were still holding me back. The outcome I had in mind when I started coaching with Bhavya was – to be more productive, to find ways to stop procrastinating, to be more organised, to have Bhavya support me while I am deciding my way in life – should I stay with current job or move – start my own brand. The level of trust in our coaching relation was so high and thus I could really open up, open my heart and show my deepest fears, so they could be overcome.The outcome for me coaching with Bhavya was – I became more productive, stop procrastinating a lot, have tools with me be get me back on the path when I fall off – more in control and confident. Currently, I am with the same job BUT working to diversify my work and activities.’


“My Testimonial of my Journey to Confident Success. When I met Bhavya @forwardfocuslondon, I instantly had such a good connection with her. When I met her, I was overwhelmed with work! Also, I felt I was reaching my burn out point, and couldn’t understand why I felt I was working such long hours, and ending the day frustrated because I couldn’t finish what I had to do. The amount of stress I was accumulating was reaching a dangerous point.

As I started working with her, the transformation began on day one. The tools she passed on to me, helped me to focus, stop procrastinating, and get things done. Also, we worked on “ME”- many of my daily struggles started with me. Again, the path has been amazing! I cannot thank her enough for all that she has helped me accomplish so far, personally and professionally. Most importantly my stress levels reduced considerably. I am still with her exploring new possibilities and the new ME. If you are feeling how I did and experiencing the same struggles, please do contact Bhavya.”


“Bhavya is quite an insightful life coach. I came to her at a time when I was stuck in an emotional rut, which I couldn’t get past without facing it head on. I took comfort in

her listening and gentle nudges towards directing the flow of my rogue emotions towards my acceptability. That is what I needed at the time.”


“Bhavya conducted the session professionally and had the ability to drill down into the questions which were important for my decision-making process. This helped me focus on the priorities and eliminate distracting thoughts which were acting as a hindrance. She had a very warm approach and easily connected with the issues and clearly had a genuine interest in wanting to aid me through a difficult time. Truly a people person and someone easy to connect with.”


‘’Good questions asked to open up yourself. More motivated to look at various aspects of myself going further with Bhavya’’


‘’Liked the visualizations to help me connect to myself and centre me. Many new areas of thinking were explored, things I would have never thought of I am looking into’’-


“Bhavya and I connected on social media as I was trying to establish the correct path for my career. In one session Bhavya had picked up on the true essence of what I needed to do and how to get there. We established key words and created an action plan. Very helpful!”


‘’Excellent understanding of myself, which automatically assisted me in overcoming many barriers in my life. Enjoyed doing the perspective exercises as it helped me to shift my focus as well as give new things a try’ and a thought”


‘’Encouraging and supportive guidance, on this adventure and exploration of various aspects in and of my life. Also got me thinking about my next stage of life‘’


‘’I am new to this. Quite intriguing and beneficial’’-


“I came to Bhavya after visiting counsellors and therapists, I always felt there was something missing in me and in my life. Bhavya was recommended by a friend and I went to her as my last resort. Through the work we did together I finally moved in my life after being stuck in the rut for over 5 years.” –


‘’I was fearful and was stuck in not feeling good enough thinking. I wanted to have an outcome of reconnecting with self-love, to stop being down on myself. Bhavya was committed to my evolution with passion and focus and was trusting and genuine. My outcome was a new ownership of choice. Letting go of the old story and creating a new one. I was able to connect with my gifts. Now I am Growing into a more self-accepting, self-loving version of myself – reconnecting with joy and trust ‘’


‘’Bhavya helped me to believe in myself and my strengths. After our coaching session I succeeded to achieve the next level in my network marketing business for the first time in 2 years.’’



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